How to Track Your Blog Post Performance

How to Track Your Blog Post Performance
June 22, 2015 CuteCoco

For us blogger, we have the awesome Google Analytic to keep track our blog performance. The statistic we need is there and all we have to do is to read it and learn from it (but you have to make sure you have embedded the code, otherwise no stats can be retracted). But google analytic is kind of the sum-it-all source. For day to day use, considering that I love to share my blog post on social media platform, I love few trackers that can give me figures on how well my blog post sharing performs.

Followings are my favorite tools to track my blog post performance:

Google URL Shortener

Using the url is my favorite because I can track down how many clicks on the link. I can also reuse the url over and over again when I recycle my updates on social media, especially on Twitter. This way I don’t have to open my blog (which can also affect the analytic) but rather open the url list and copy the url I want to re-share. functions similar too, but my personal favorite is the Sorry 😀

Google URL Builder

With url builder the link is more specified. You can create your own code for the campaign and source. For example, if you want to track down only the visitor coming from Facebook then you can put the source as Facebook and the campaign is your blog post title. How to do it is so easy peasy, the column is there and the direction is self-explanative.

Here’s the part of the form:

url builder

The questions with star are required. The rests are optional. I don’t normally fill up the optional ones, especially when I don’t have any paid keywords, etc.

When you click generate url, it will give you the unique link.

Now the unique link is normally very long. Like this:

I would normally go to the google url shortener and get it shortened before I share it on the preferred social media.

If you are selling a product, I would recommend you to use the url builder as it can help you track the conversion as well, as in how many unique visitor and how many visitor actually buy your product.


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