[Guides To] Go On a Road Trip with Kids

[Guides To] Go On a Road Trip with Kids
June 16, 2015 CuteCoco

As a family we love to go on a road trip big time. J has a thing for driving almost non-stop that in some boring weekend afternoons the thing that lights him up is to drive around with no specific destination. That’s what we did every weekend when we were in Ras Al Khaimah, in Doha, in Medan and we even almost circled the island back in Bintan. As we relocated to Bandung, West Java, the road trip frequencies are reduced but at least once a month we will go to Jakarta to visit my mom. It was two – three hours drive, four if with traffic jam, which happens quite often.

If only the road stays like this every single day..

So yeah, road trip is definitely a family thing to us. With kids in the house, you know it happens not without complications. Especially if the two boys love to punch each other and fight all the time at the back. But it’s a learning experience, every time. I picked up few things that have become best practices to survive family road trips with kids.

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Allow me to share some of the guides I swear by for smooth road trips with kids in the car:

Top Notch Car Condition

Safety is the most important thing hence your car condition should be on your first priority check list. Have your car checked and tuned up including the tires and the pressure. Make sure to have it washed at least a day before departure. Traveling in an immaculately clean car is comforting.

Don’t forget to check your kids booster or child seat so that not only they are comfortable sitting on it but also safe.

Comfortable Clothes

bad hair

T’shirts and shorts or a pair of cotton pants are my favorite to wear on a road trip. They give me flexibility to move around, soothing especially when in summer or any hot days. The same goes for the kids as well. Jeans are not really my favorite if we are going on a daylight but if we are doing a night trip it’s okay because things can get colder at night.

Snacks and Drinks

With kids, food and drinks are essential. Otherwise, every five minutes they will complaint that they are hungry. Pack some healthy snacks like oat cookies and cut fruits. A little chocolate is no harm, I guess. Don’t bring soda!

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When K and little A were younger, every time we went on a road trip they were each equipped with a portable DVD player that was complete with a screen (like a laptop). It was a great entertainment and could keep them calm for a long time – as long as you remember to load up their favorite movies, of course :D. A good idea I have learnt sometimes back was about wrapping some toys and gave it one by one to the kids. This trick works better for kids younger than 5. They will be delighted thinking it is a gift and will be busy unwrapping and then playing with the toys.


Following car games have managed to distract my boys from fighting each other in the car. These can be useful for you too:

– Name 5 Things

Our favorites are name 5 things that start with letter (A – Z). You can also modify it with, for example, name 5 things that have red color. Or something like that.

– Find Things

To induce their eagerness in exploring the outside view I use to throw a game that challenges them to find something. For example: find a blue car, find a giant tree, find a car with a family sticker, find a mercedes, find a volvo, and more.

– Guess the Direction

As we move, the other game we play is guessing where we are going. I will ask the boys where are we going next whether right or left or straight.


The above three games may sound simple, but trust me your kids will love them :)

Are you going to do a road trip with kids in the near future? I hope the above guides are helpful.



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  1. Thanks for the tips… We more or less do the same, with some extra pillows for dozing off in a long trip :)…

    • Author
      CuteCoco 6 years ago

      Oh yeaaaah pillows!! haha..

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