5 Plugins That Make Your Life Easy on WordPress Org

5 Plugins That Make Your Life Easy on WordPress Org
June 2, 2015 CuteCoco

I am a WordPress Org fanatic. For me, it’s the easiest CMS to work with and the tons of free plugin kind of seal the deal. Not that I dislike blogspot since I happen to own both but my favorite has been always WordPress Org.

For some people the idea to pay for a domain and a hosting is probably beyond question. But if you are wondering, let me convince you that the decision is worthwhile. Without coding skill you can have a great and professional-look site. The plugins are the magic.

Honestly speaking, this blog is my playground to experiment with various plugins. I have installed too many of them I finally lost track what is for what. However all of them are truly helpful.

Here I am sharing my favorite 5 plugins that can make your life easy on WordPress Org:

1. Any Font

AnyFont calls out different variety of letters on the backend at the text editor page. When you are updating your page or post a blog entry you can easily chose in which font you would want the post to be published. The font certainly elevates the look of your homepage and it is only a click away on text editor field.

2.Revolution Slider

The first time I use this was for my currently-hiatus site and then once for a client. The setting up is so easy because the setting option is accessible from the dashboard. You can decide on the size as well depending on which place you are going to keep the slider. My recommendation on the homepage or on a side bar.

3. BWS Plugin

I have installed Akismet to fight off the spammer but I know it should not stop at the anti-spammer plugin. A precaution is also important. That’s why it is important that you also install BWS plugin that functions as the ‘gate keeper’. The plugin fires out math question every time someone try to log in. Hence a robotic comment is avoided.

4. Easy Contact Form Lite

There are many contact form plugins available in the free plugins list unfortunately some are too complicated to set up. I used to depend on Visual Form Builder and Contact Form 7 but I found Easy Contact Form Lite today and was quite surprised to see how easy it was to set up. The look at the front end is also simple and just nice.

5. All in One SEO

I have touched base with you all regarding this plugin. Hence needless to say, I truly adore All in One SEO. This plugin helps you differentiate your headline with your title page to optimize the search engine finding your post. Read more about this plugin on my previous Blogging Monday post.

There you go. The 5 plugins that make your life easy on WordPress Org :)

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Comments (4)

  1. RedCarra 4 years ago

    Yang BWS aku uninstall lagi kemarin. Kayaknya ribet sih :)))))

    Yg All in One SEO udah pakai.
    Anyfont baru tahu. Install ah.

  2. Dony 4 years ago

    bws plugin itu contohnya seperti apa ya teh? belum pernah liat.

    • Rina 4 years ago

      BWS plugin itu utk captcha berbentuk matematika kayak di blog ini hehe

  3. Dony 4 years ago

    oohh,, hihih ga sadar padahal udah make. :p

    I’m a Robot bip bip bip

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