Soul Therapy

Soul Therapy
May 20, 2015 CuteCoco

There was no massive agenda for my visit this week to Jakarta and stay at my mom’s house. The kids are enjoying their one week school off due to primary 6 final test so I am tagging along. But of course, being in the city where I grew up, there would be meetings that are essentially set up at last minutes. One of them was meeting my besties from high school.

As far as I remember I last saw them some 20 years ago. Yeap, 20 years! Oh my, that is such a long time and our friendship lasts. I am amazed myself. I guess, Mark Z with his Facebook did a great part in keeping us in touch for all this time.

old new

Proof I used to be thin!! ๐Ÿ˜›

One of the girls is visiting Indonesia this week. She has been staying in the Netherlands since college and apparently is in no plan to return for good to home country. At least for now. So all of us decided to meet up. To catch up and chat about some old school gossip ha!

Like I said in one of my wellness wednesday post, hang out with friends is a soul therapy, to keep us happy. Meeting old friends is refreshing too.

Sure we had a great time yesterday, but I have made some mental notes about things that happened during the meet up that had made me appreciate our friendship even more.

donut friendship

There was no such cliche words being thrown off just because.

There we were. After being in a separate 20 years journey, with two of us have kid(s), one has just got married last year and one is still a happy singleton, our baggages are surely heavier than 20 years ago. And so is our body. I am bigger, not yet successfully go back to the old me – 10kgs down. They are too. But no such cliche words like “wow you are big now!” or “oh my God you gain weight a lot!” were heard. None. We knew it, we felt it but those were over-powered by the gratitude that we were finally able to see face to face.

To the one who has just got married, no arrows of question like “when are you going to have kids?” or “are you purposely postponing of having a baby?” being thrown.

To the one who is still single, our only topic was “why you keep turning down guys?” instead of “when are you going to get married?”.

Isn’t it better? To focus on what is happening with our life and not making comparison between the past and the present and asking for the future?

Yesterday, was one of my most favorite meet up when all of us did nothing but to just be.

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Comments (6)

  1. Oline 5 years ago

    It was excited! Reunian sesama sahabat lama.
    Dan itu posenya sama semua fotonya :)
    Nothing’s change :)

    • Author
      CuteCoco 5 years ago

      iya sengaja kita niru pose yang dulu hahaha some 20 years ago..

  2. Delyanet Karmoni 5 years ago

    Posenyaaa… ๐Ÿ˜€

    Semua luar bisa berubah, ya Mbak Rina. Tapi selama kehangatan tetap terjaga, nggak saling menjatuhkan, betapa menyenangkan.. Saya yg baca juga ikutan senang (cuma nggak pakai bahasa english ya, hihihi)

    Saya juga suka ngumpul dengan teman, tapi beberapa tahun ini mulai ditanya2 yg kurang sreg di hati, terutama sama teman2 cewek, jadi saya malas ngumpul lagi. Kadang lebih enak ngumpul sama teman cowok (kebetulan kebanyakan teman saya teman suami juga).

    Teman2 mbak teman yg baik. Dijaga ya mbak… Pepatah donatnya betul juga…

    • Rina 5 years ago

      hehe iyaaa kita biasa cuma ngumpul2 di facebook ato watsapp aja…pas banget bisa ketemuan in person lagi! thank you for visiting mbak…pertanyaan2 yang annoying dijawab dengan senyum aja ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Wow banget ya Mbak pastinya pas ketemuan lagi setelah 20 tahun, fotonya itu lhoooo mantep banget pose n facenya masih gak banyak berubah. Rezeki banget bisa ketemuan lagi, yang dari LN juga bisa kumpul lagi. Saya juga udah 20 tahun gak ketemu sohib2 SMA nih, kebetulan pada jauh-jauhan.

    • Rina 5 years ago

      iya nih jauh2an tapi pas banget minggu ini bisa barengan and ada waktu luangnya jadi bisa dikompakin ketemuan hehe..

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