Kanmo Retail Group Refreshes with Mothercare and Early Learning Centre

Kanmo Retail Group Refreshes with Mothercare and Early Learning Centre
May 20, 2015 CuteCoco

Disclosure: I attended the Media & Bloggers luncheon with Mothercare and Early Learning Centre via KEB (mom-blogger community in Indonesia) and received some vouchers to spend at their local store. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Five cities three countries and here I am again returning to the all time favorites, Mothercare and Early Learning Centre. When my love for Mothercare blossomed, the kids were about three and two. It wasn’t only because the outlet happened to be in a mall that was at the opposite of our apartment, but also the prices worth the quality.

Matter of fact, this won’t be my first writing about Mothercare as it has been with me through the potty train stage, winter time and of course every meal time.

Potty train pant-mothercare

Training undies from Mothercare





K and little A are wearing Mothercare (pajamas, winter sweater, polo shirt & cargo pant), also featured is little A’s high-chair from Mothercare.

You, regulars to this blog, would remember this. But if you don’t, no worries. I am quoting my self about why I love Mothercare so much:

The things that I like about this particular brand was not only the material, colour combination and model were great but also the tailoring was neat and strong. The sizes were very much precised. I could just take the size according to my children’s age, blindly, and it would fit.

My experience with Mothercare is so much more into clothing and stuff, although they have a lot more to offer especially for mother-to-be and those with babies.

That being said, luncheon with Kanmo Retail Group last Wednesday was truly special.

Led by Mr. Abi Habsy, the Marketing Manager of Early Learning Centre and Ms. Berta Septiani, the Group Marketing Communication Director, Kanmo _being the company who brings in the two brands to Indonesia_  refreshes the value of Mothercare and Early Learning Centre to the market through the media and bloggers. Road shows were rolled out and Bandung was their next stop.

Early Learning Centre

Let’s move on to the haven of children activities. Some mistaken it over a learning course, some said it’s a toy store. But Early Learning Centre, being a part of Mothercare,  is more than just your ordinary toy store.

Emphasizing more onto quality and how it helps children sensory and social skill development, the children activities it provides are certainly no joke. And again, the prices worth the quality. Every toy that is designed and sold by Early Learning Centre has gone through quality check done by independent third party to ensure safety for its little consumers. They are also durable and have 6 months guarantee from the purchase time (please don’t throw your receipt – just in case ;)).

Don’t they understand how we, parents, want only the best for our children?

Go on, overwhelmed yourself with tons of variety of children activities from Early Learning Centre.

Well at least that was what I did in their store recently. The boys and I had so much fun!









Psst…the boys are not the only ones who have a favorite spot in ELC. I have one too. It’s the sticker corner!!


Notes: The ELC photos are taken in their outlet in Trans Studio Mall, Bandung – West Java, Indonesia. Visit Mothercare and Early Learning Centre online store for Indonesia at www.mothercare.co.id.

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  1. Oline 6 years ago

    Wahhh seru ya.. ini gathering kapan mak? Di Bandung ya?

    • Rina 6 years ago

      iyaaa di bandung minggu lalu hehe.. gatheringnya di PVJ.

  2. Tanti Amelia 6 years ago

    Love your report!! And kiss kiss for the handsome one -which use the cargo pant-

    • Rina 6 years ago

      haha…kiss kiss back auntyyyyy :)

  3. Grace Melia 5 years ago

    This brand is my fave too! Btw aku kepengen ketemu dirimu, Mak. Kapan yah bisa T__T

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