I am an Indie Parent!

I am an Indie Parent!
May 6, 2015 CuteCoco

I was super duper excited when I ran through my emails this morning and stuck on the email from Mom Spark Media announcing the new podcast created by Amy Bellgradt and her co-host Desiree Fawn called The Indie Parent. Something was clicked right at the moment, it’s like I finally found something that I have been looking for all this long. I was looking for my identity and now I found it. I am an Indie Parent.

Amy and Des were right. Indie parent is not just a title, a brand, but also a lifestyle and it is a crazy lifestyle because it’s not normal and not everybody is doing it.

I have had the question a lot from people, “what do you do actually?” and most of the time I am beyond speechless, I lost words to explain because I know deep inside, no matter how hard I explain the other person will not understand.

Quoting on The Indie Parent’s first podcast:

Indie Parents are parents who are self-employed, entrepreneurial and follow their passions, while having the flexibility to spend more time with their families.

Right now I juggle not only household stuff and kiddos and husbands but I am also making my own path to establish my own empire that is based on my passion. I offer a professional service and consultancy in Marketing Communication field, and have just teamed up with a friend to take us further into this business. I am also pursuing my own paper design dream and right now the mock up of the very first professional bound planner is ready and it will be produced with three choices of cover (watch this space, planner addicts!). A clothing line for kids is also on the way, which _finger cross_ will go on production before May ends.

These are all my babies. Keeping up with this blog is also a part of my life that is brightening and inspiring :)

Here are proofs that I am a solid Indie Parent and how I schedule myself from time to time:

  • I barely stay at home. That is why I feel disconnected with the title of Stay at Home Mom these days. Yet I am no longer a full time working mom.
  • My meetings are mostly outside, in a restaurant or a coffee shop. That makes me not even a working at home mom.
  • My mornings are the heaviest on schedule stream. We normally eat breakfast on the go, J and I share coffee (that is partly because I am trying to reduce coffee). When the kids are already at school and J is at his office I will meet with a friend that I am partnering with to discuss our progress. It could be talking about designs, procedures, productions, marketings, budgeting and other stuff. Sometimes when there is no meeting at all I will station in KFC coffee nearby the kids school to blog and do my work (designs, marketing, website touch ups, and online networking).

work outside1

work outside2

I share my passion adventure mostly on instagram. Do follow me there okay? :) @CuteCoconut

  • My afternoon is filled up with playing with the kids or taking one of them to the dentist after school. By 2.30pm we will be at home. If I have enough spare time in between getting the boys do their homework I will work on my laptop again. Otherwise, I am straightening my feet and watch TV. Sometimes I take the boys to play outside (by playing I mean they kick a ball, I watch ha ha). At 5 pm I will normally be on the road again to pick up J from his office. Most Fridays we love to do a little swimming too.
  • My evening after dinner is filled with chit chatting with the kids, with J, watching TV and playing Soda crush.
  • Weekend is more at leisure. I try not to touch any work, unless there is any urgency.

Following, let me reveal my secrets (some of you may find this stupid and you can roll your eyeball 360 degree – I don’t care):

  • I don’t cook anymore. As much as I want to, the time spent inside the house is getting shorter. So buying from restaurants or eat out is more convenient.
  • I share chores with J. His responsibilities are the bathroom cleanliness and to keep his dirty socks in the right place.
  • Our apartment doesn’t have washing machine nor a space to do laundry. So we give our laundry to third party. But there is this new self-service laundry outlet at the lobby level, I have been meaning to try them out.
  • Kids goes to bed at 7pm or max, 8pm. That gives me and J a good alone time to catch up with movies and us on workdays.

Are you Indie Parent too?

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  1. Theresa 5 years ago

    You certainly have your hands full, but I am sure it makes you very happy! I don’t think I am a full on Indie parent, but I can relate to A LOT of what you said!

    Best wishes on getting all your ideas off the ground and running successfully!

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