5 Types of Co-Worker You Need To Stay Away From

5 Types of Co-Worker You Need To Stay Away From
May 28, 2015 CuteCoco

When you step into an office, especially if it is a big one, you are likely to find different personalities that you have to deal with. If I were you I won’t be too worry with the pleasant ones. But, come to think of it, every one will be nice to you at your first day. So my advice is to take your time to get to know each individuals that you will be working closely with. Don’t be too open, don’t be overly friendly at first sight. Calm down, poised and learn.



Followings are the 5 types of co-worker you need to stay away from:

The Flirts

Nice, friendly and sweet. Sometimes the attitude makes you feel awkward or embarrassed. He will take you high to the sky, but then drop you in a snap. So be careful.

The Ambitious

To this person, everything is about competition. He is the one who stands in the corner when you introduce yourself on day one and looking at you from the top to the bottom as if you were a strange little creature from Mars. He is accessing whether you are a potential threat to his career growth in the company or not. The ambitious is capable of taking questionable acts to get what he wants, including stealing your ideas and putting you down.

The Gossiper

It is easy to identify a gossiper in an office. Just ask around some happenings in the past, any scandal, people will automatically point at him telling you that he is the best person to talk to because he knows everything. In a cafeteria conversation, the gossiper won’t hesitate to ask a lot of question about you and your life and others people name will often come up in the conversation.

The Fashionista

This one takes lunch break longer than what is allowed. Going on shopping or hair dresser is his routine. Always wearing the latest trend and believes that he is the trendsetter in the company. Get ready to poke into your wallet deeper if you start hangout with the fashionista because shopping, coffee shop hangout, clubbing session, spa and hair dresser are the daily ritual.

The Lazy Bumps

Always shows up late at work. Never finish his work on time. Follow ups are slow. MIA most of the time. If you’re not too careful you will end up doing half of his job.

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