Wellness Wednesday #17: The Secret to Always Feel Good

Wellness Wednesday #17: The Secret to Always Feel Good
April 29, 2015 CuteCoco

Happy Wednesday! I am ready for another wellness round up this week. Are you?

The Secret to Feel Good All The Time

When we talk about wellness it should cover a complete set of body and soul. After all, a healthy body is meaningless without a happy mind.

To many, staying away from mood swings and to be steadily happy need hard work. But it’s the works worth trying. Here are my simple tricks to be able to feel good about yourself that lead to happy mind:

1. Have a hobby and do it. A hobby is something you like doing, not because you have to but because you love too. It doesn’t have to be extravaganza. Something as simple as reading a book will do.

2. Listen to music. Every one loves music. I haven’t met any one who hates music. The right tunes can play your mood nicely.

3. Surround yourself with awesome friends. Those who laugh with you and cry with you. Those who will be there for you at any time of the day. Those with whom you don’t have to be someone else.

4. Catching up with old friends. This can be a refreshing food for thought, an eye opener and inspirational moment. You won’t know how much you can learn from someone you finally meet again after long time.

5. Be nice. Your simple smile and humble gesture give the world less bitterness. Be the candle that shines a light to others.

6. Fill your empty soul spiritually. Get closer to God.

How do you keep your mood balance and be steadily happy?



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  1. Debbie Rodrigues 5 years ago

    Reiki is my source of Balance and Inner Peace as I have mentioned some Wellness Wednesday blogs ago. But do you believe that organizing my life and and my home is bringing a lot of rest as well? I never thought about its benefits but it seems indeed that an organized home is the reflect of an organized soul.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

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