Wellness Wednesday #15: No Dinner, More Veggies and Less Coffee

Wellness Wednesday #15: No Dinner, More Veggies and Less Coffee
April 15, 2015 CuteCoco

Woohoo I am so excited every Wednesday. Not only because I am glad that I manage to get into the middle of the week but also because it’s another week for Wellness Wednesday!

For you who are new here, Wellness Wednesday is a sweet collaboration between CuteCoconut and Scoops of Joy to spread inspirations in health and wellness department. So, if you haven’t, c’mon join the ride!

My motto for the whole health and wellness thing is that to give a best shot one step at a time. I am a lazy bump and sometimes though my eagerness is big, my laziness is bigger. But since I drank the alkaline water (Kangen water) my struggle to embrace the wellness life completely is a bit easier.

As you can read from the title, indeed these days I have resorted to no dinner. Not because I am doing in purposely but it’s because I just don’t feel like having it. I will have my breakfast, late lunch and that’s it. I will still be full by dinner time.

Juices and veggies are slowly settling in my daily life even more, replacing my cravings for coffee. My coffee intake has reduced into when I feel sleepy or when the owner of a cafe who happened to be my friend offered to try their cappuccino or coffee late.

Have you done any detox recently? What’s changed after that?



Let’s link up with Wellness Wednesday this week hosted by myself and Maureen from Scoops of Joy.

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Comments (2)

  1. I could skip dinner, but never breakfast, I love breakfast. Must admit I love my coffee too #WellnessWEdnesday

  2. theresa 5 years ago

    I usually miss breakfast because early morning eating upsets my belly. I’ve been drinking a lot of flavored waters too do I can make sure I am getting enough water each day.

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