Snapseed Fun

Snapseed Fun
April 19, 2015 CuteCoco

I have been reading Shine by Three like I were reading a book, flipping through the archive from the very back to the latest one. Margaret tipped off her readers in one of her question and answer posts about her favorite photo edit app for instagram. Snapseed is one of them.

Of course!

So I quickly download the app, only to get confused with how to effectively using it. My expectation? To have my instagram photos as near good as Margaret’s. Yeah. Lol. What was I thinking?

Learning about how to operate the app perfectly has been my fun thing to do lately. Truth is I still can’t quite figure the different effect between saturation ranges, or any other effects on the image look when I am editing it. It only looks obvious when I am done and comparing the before-after.

 snapseed comparison1

snapseed comparison2

Perfection is still far to achieve but I am having fun.

Have we been connected on instagram? Find me there at @cutecoconut :)

Meanwhile, I am introducing the hashtag #iFeature for products that I use, love and recommend.

See you on instagram!

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