Important Notes for Parents About Dental Visit

Important Notes for Parents About Dental Visit
April 29, 2015 CuteCoco

On Friday, while waiting for little A’s turn in the dental clinic I reached out to my dentist friends via Facebook to ask them how long was the normal time for a pediatric dentist to handle one kid. I did this because we have been waiting for almost two hours and according to the nurse our pediatric dentist was still working on her first patient. The answers I got was two hours was normal because maybe the dentist needed extra time to calm the kids down. Reading them words by words I could say I could totally relate.

In my own experience, dental visit has been always traumatic. I have been a regular patient since childhood, I remember I used to scream and cry, especially if the pediatric dentist who used to handle me was not in and replaced by others. To this date visiting dentist is my nightmare in real life.

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Taking from those experiences I promised myself that K and little A wouldn’t face the same thing. Obviously, choosing the right pediatric dentist is crucial. K’s dental visit plays a great role in little A’s convenience about the same. Little A saw how good the dentist was, and that K wasn’t in pain nor crying. So there is no fear or anything like it when it is his turn for a visit. What excites him more is that the possibility of getting a gift after a treatment because that was what he saw from K’s experience.

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Allow me to share with you some important notes about dental visit that may help you as a parent:

1. Ask around.

If this is going to be your first pediatric dental visit make sure you have done your homework. That is asking references and recommendations from other moms.

2. Measuring how good the dentist is.

Everyone will recommend his/her own dentist and tell you that their dentist is good. But what is good? What makes a pediatric dentist good? My two top criteria are quality of work and how they handle the kids. A good pediatric dentist must be able to calm his patient within second of the first meeting. First impression lasts forever. If he is meeting his little patient for the first time he will do an awesome ice breaker and gain trust easily. His work is no rush and won’t cause so much pain during the procedure.

3. Clinic cleanliness.

The way the clinic is maintained represents quality of work as well. It has to be clean and hygiene. At the same time all the equipment used must be clean and hygiene too.

4. Educative.

He explain thoroughly about the possible causes, how to treat and how to avoid in the long run.

5. Lovely attitude.

Normally pediatric dentists love children. They’ll show lovely attitude and look happy all the time. If you find your pediatric dentist look gloomy and grumpy, chances are your kids won’t be happy to undergo treatment with him/her.


Today little A has finished his second appointment. Since the first one, he always asks where his gift is after the treatment. Therefore today he got one hot wheel car. So far he likes his dentist and no such traumatizing issue. Next week will be our third (and hopefully last) appointment.

What’s your memorable kids dental visit experience?

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  1. Theresa 5 years ago

    I went with a practice that specializes just in children. The whole office is fun, this over sized toothbrushes, mouth shaped chairs, lots of fish tanks. Most of the kids view it as a fun place instead of something to fear.

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