(How To) Make Your Own Notebook with No Stitching

(How To) Make Your Own Notebook with No Stitching
April 1, 2015 CuteCoco

As you all are aware (or probably not) I just started my handmade business two months ago. It has been a painstaking journey with ups and down, aaaaand I am excited still.

My handmade shop on Etsy sells printable designs for planners, stickers, tags, cards and scrapbook stuff, but for local market I extend the service into creating the product. I purposely do the spiral bound, working with a local professional binder in the process, because I love spiral notes. They are easy to use, when I want to write I can just flip one side to the back and the pages are still in tact – crisp.

The past week I have been trying my hands on perfect binding combined with the signature binding. It took me a loooot of practices to get it right. And since I hate hand-stitching, I have found easier way to create signature binding without it. It’s a combination of that and the perfect binding.

In case you want to try it at home, today I want to share with you how to make your own notebook with no stitching.



Measure and cut your paper accordingly.

If you are using A4 sheets and want to make a notebook that is half size of it then you have to fold it into two. For custom size you need to measure double the length so you can fold it in the middle.


Fold as many as you want depending on how many pages you want your notebook to have.


You can also use lined paper like these.


When you are done with the folding, stack 4 – 6 pages inside one another. You are ready to make a signature. Make sure you have a flat and hard surface, grab a rubber eraser and a stapler.


Open the paper stack, place the rubber eraser underneath of the folding line and staple. I recommend you to mark the place you are going to staple beforehand as you are going to make several of these. I staple the stack in two places up and down. Also before you staple it make sure that the opening faces downward.



Repeat the process until you have enough stacks to make your text block. A text block is signatures stacked together, it is pretty much your notebook without the cover, or maybe I can say your naked notebook 😀


Now your signatures are ready, let’s make a text block!


I use paper clips to keep them together. Place a piece of paper underneath the clips so they won’t leave a mark on the pages. At this step I will glue the signatures together half inch from the fold to the inside.


Press the block tightly using a special presser or something heavy and then add a layer of glue throughout the folding. Let it dry and then repeat the process 2 – 3 times. I use fox glue, white non-toxic.




Headbands covers the paper stacks from outside so people don’t get to see the mess or untidy folding/stack. It also functions as decoration to make your notebook prettier :)

Take a piece of cloth or paper, measure the width as your text block thickness and then cut accordingly. The length can be 2 inches. You also need a little rope or stick to be rolled inside.


Glue the rope/stick onto the paper/cloth and then roll them. Cut the excess.


Stick the headbands on both edges of your text block as you see in the picture.



When you measure the cardboard width make sure you start 1″ from the text block folding side and then add half inches extra on the other side. You also need to add half inches extra to the top and bottom (total addition of 1″ length). I like to cut the edge of the cardboard so it looks smoother and not stiff.

To make the back bone you can use the cardboard, cut into the length of the cardboard you are going to use as the cover and use the thickness of the text block to measure the width. Today I feel like experimenting with a card stock so I am using that as the back bone by cutting it into the width of the text block thickness add 2.5″ extra.

Spread the glue onto the cardboard and then stick it on a sheet of designer paper. Cut the paper two inches extra out.


Before gluing I score the card stock so it will be easier to fold.


Go crazy with the glue :)


 Make a several cut around the edges, spread some glue and then fold it inside.


I use flannel cloth to smooth the cover and to flatten the air bubble that may appear from the glue.

signature16Meet my little notebook full of stars 😉


In your crafty adventure, you may want to have interesting pages inside your DIY notebook. Check out my printable store on Etsy to find what you are looking for!

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  1. Annisa Steviani 6 years ago

    cantiknyaaaaa O____O suka banget sama notebook bintang-bintang itu <3 aku juga suka crafty thingies tapi tak ada waktunya T_____T

    • Rina 6 years ago

      Iyaaa makan waktu iniii hehee makacih mak!

  2. kania 6 years ago


  3. istiadzah 6 years ago

    Lucuuuk. Bikinnya gampang, ya. Tapi kenapa aku nggak bisa bikinnya??? >____<

    • Rina 6 years ago

      Looks easy ya hihi but it takes tons of patient…suka gak rapih, maunya buru2…harus banyak latihan ????

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