Hop ‘n’ Roll with Gymboree

Hop ‘n’ Roll with Gymboree
April 8, 2015 CuteCoco

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The little kid in green T’shirt popped his head through our opened door hoping to catch a glimpse of K and little A inside. His apartment is just three doors from ours and this was not his first trial to play with my boys. I invited him to come in and play after weighing on whether or not we have some spare times for a little fun before we were off to pick up J from his office.

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As he entered excitedly I threw a quick announcement to the boys who were playing with iPad in the living room, “boys, here’s A. Play together okay!”. They were already talking to each other before I finished my sentence. And that was it. How easy it was to give a brief introduction in kids world that lead to quick bonding and joyous play time. Try the same method to a bunch of moms who are waiting for their kids at the school front gate, I doubt the result would be the same. Even if it is, it probably won’t last that the next day everybody will be back to square one.

Isn’t it amusing to find how ridiculously complicated the adult world is and how simple children world is?

With everything is pretty straight forward in our kids world, with glares of colors and exciting play times – all the time, Gymboree tries to encapsulate all of those in its newly launch Hop ‘n’ Roll line. And succeeded.

Get your kids and retreat to the mix and match styles inspired by creativity, comfort, and the rhythm of play, which is now available for boys and girls, sizes 6 months to 10 at Gymboree.com. A generous offer starts from 50% off adds up to the excitement of the new play wear. Shop Gymboree for children’s clothing that will last and have your child looking their best!

Aren’t you excited already?

Here is the best part: for every purchase of the play wear you donate 1% of the proceeds to KaBOOM! – a national non-profit that inspires communities to support play and creates great places to play for kids in underserved communities across America.


Celebrate the launch of Hop ‘n’ Roll with Gymboree from April 7 – May 31 with the goal of raising enough money to build better places to play for 10,000 deserving kids:

  1. Gymboree Play & Music partners will be taking over the Gymboree Play Date page on Tumblr to include creative fun-filled playtime tips and ideas and to foster creativity and confidence. Definitely encourage your readers to check it out!
  2. PBS KIDS®: Gymboree (proud sponsor of Jim Henson’s “Dinosaur Train” on PBS KIDS) will support PBS KIDS’ “Explore the Outdoors” campaign via special in-store programming on Gymboree TV, giveaways on Gymboree’s Facebook page, and participation in local PBS member station “Explore the Outdoors” events.
  3. Pinterest Playdate Map: Partners and top bloggers will continue to contribute to Gymboree’s Pinterest Playdate Map – an incredible resource for families to discover new and exciting places to play, whether on a trip or in their very own backyard.
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