Fast and Furious 7: For Paul

Fast and Furious 7: For Paul
April 5, 2015 CuteCoco

For a woman whose movie interest is more into romance comedy, watching fast cars flying around and heroic fightings is never a priority. So when Fast and Furious comes out one after another I only flipped through without making any of them an option. I did watch the first and second ones, though, long long back ago. Was not quite impressed then. Until the 6th installment came in where I was intrigued by the persona of Joe Taslim, the only Indonesian actor in that movie playing a bad guy named Jah. He was on Luke Evan’s side and only to die later on.

This was my rather abrupt entrance to the whole Fast and Furious thrilling magnet.

And then the tragic news hit on November 30th, 2013. In a blink of eyes things changed. My feeling for Paul Walker is deeper than before. Speculations arose, whether or not Fast and Furious 7 would continue production. I found myself waiting for clarification.

I should say, it is the right thing to do to continue with it. As Paul had shot most of the scenes, if the production stopped it’s an owe to him. I joined the Fast and Furious fans in thanking Cody and Caleb Walker to help complete the movie. Fast and Furious 7 is indeed a legacy of Paul Walker.


When you surf the internet to find pieces written for the movie you would see most of them saying it has emotional ending. They are absolutely right.

I have never left a cinema carrying a heavy cloud in my heart. But last night I walked out of the cinema feeling like something in my heart was gone. I left with a feeling like I was just attending a funeral. That last scene was a final goodbye to Paul and I faced a sad reality, that I won’t be seeing anything like this with Paul in it in the future. Toretto’s narration was felt more like a farewell speech for Paul.

In the end I must congratulate Chris Morgan with a big hug for giving Paul’s character, Brian O’Connor, the perfect send off that a distance away from what actually happened to Paul in the real life.

Fast and Furious 7 seals it in every movie goer’s heart that Paul Walker will live on.

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Comments (2)

  1. Theresa 6 years ago

    I think this one will be bittersweet. I can’t wait to see it!

  2. Rina 6 years ago

    Yes indeed! You must see it Theresa!

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