Celebrating Women Blogging Ideas

Celebrating Women Blogging Ideas
April 6, 2015 CuteCoco

Against the general belief that men are stronger than women, I believe that it is women that are stronger than men. I can even put all my money on the table to bet that no man in this world can bear the painstaking menstruation nor giving birth. C’mon, they can’t even find anything..like ANYTHING without us.

J, will flip all the clothes in his closet and complaint that he cannot find a single boxer. I can just pull one out from the stack and I can find more in there. He will ask me where the food is while bending in front of an open fridge with the said-food right in front of his eyes and he still cannot find it. My favorite threat to him? “Next time you ask me to find things I won’t tell you!”.

Sooo…yeah, we definitely deserve to be celebrated in any form of celebration. Motherhood, womanhood…all kind of hood.

In Indonesia, 21st April is marked as a national celebration of womanhood or woman emancipation. It was the day when Kartini, the woman who was believed to break the traditional ancient rule of woman cannot go to school, was born. Plus, Mother’s day is coming up too (though it is celebrated on different dates in every country).

If you are looking for some ideas to blog about during this month and Mother’s day period, try my celebrating women blogging ideas below:

1. My mother my hero

2. My grandmother my hero

3. 10 things to be thankful for being a woman

4. Embracing my postpartum body

5. When I gave birth to my kids

6. My perfect mother’s day

7. OOTD with skirts (because men can’t wear one ha!)

8. My favorite mother’s day gift

9. Why women are special

10. Dos and don’ts for women health

Can you think of anything else?

Alright, I am opening a linky starting this Monday. Everyone of you is free to join.


You can blog about anything on Monday and then link up with me. Please visit each other and leave a meaningful comment :)

here you go…



Blogging Monday


See you around!

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Comments (3)

  1. Rosey 5 years ago

    I can barely deal w/the first one. :) I think men and women are both strong in equal ways. Hopefully those ways are complimentary to one another, though sometimes I know they are not. :)

  2. Rina 5 years ago

    Haha yes Rosey, I think men and women are designed to complement each other but sometimes they don’t function as designed haha..

  3. Dominique Goh 5 years ago

    Those are really cool prompts for blogging on. Women really have loads to deal with.

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