Wellness Wednesday #12: The Perfect Me Time

Wellness Wednesday #12: The Perfect Me Time
March 25, 2015 CuteCoco

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday!

How are you keeping up with the wellness so far?

I was knocked down by Kangen Water last week..pretty badly. Maureen said I had to write it on the blog. So yes definitely I would!

But today is all about the perfect ME TIME :)

What is YOUR perfect ME TIME?

Mine will begin with extra snooze-ings in the morning. The era of kids climbing on my head, licking my face or shouting at my ear to wake me up is over, so I am thankful for that. But school days are also killing. Therefore to be able to wake up a little later and not having to rush around is the perfect day starter for me.

As soon as I am up, rise and shine I can see the kids have taken their shower and now busy with their own thing. Breakfast is ready and coffee is served. I will slowly take my shower, mask my hair before washing it, do a little scrub on my back and the other parts need attention and just playing with the bubbles. Oh it’s a hot shower too!

Once through with the shower, I will dress up because the girls are awaits at our favorite coffee shop. We are going to hangout, chit chat, gossip, whatever. J drove me…or maybe not. He choses to stay at home with the kids so I can take the car. It will be a fun time. The girls and I continue our full spirit day with some movies, romantic comedy, movies that are described by our husbands “foolish, nonsense or stupid”.

After the movie we will all head to the important part of the mall: the shopping outlets. We will treat ourselves with new clothes, playing dress up a bit (and this time is super joyous because no bored-looking husband staring blankly at us), go to the make up section and let the lady do trial error with our face.

And theeeen I will go to the book store to buy two or three good books before hitting the spa or salon to get some relaxation in a form of massage+scrub or hair treatment.

I will go home feeling refreshed, find the kids are asleep, the house is not in a mess, no dirty laundry nor dishes, dinner is served and I get to enjoy some quiet reading before bedtime.

….WOW. I think it’s too perfect!

Truth is I never experience the complete set ha ha..

Truth is even when I get sick I will only recover to a messy house, dirty laundry, dirty dishes. So even when I am able to get at least the half part of my perfect me time, the ending will always be ugly. However, even though the perfect me time is never too perfect I will always be thankful to have just a bit of it because me time is very important to keep me sane. Don’t you agree? Moms out there would nod, I suppose.. 😉





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1. Tell us about your favorite restaurant that offer your favorite wellness menu.

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3. Funny story you have with doctor visit experience.

4. What is happiness?

5. Your secret remedy for muscle stiffness.




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Comments (5)

  1. LaToya 5 years ago

    Sounds like a terrific day! You had me with sleeping in and breakfast being ready!!

  2. Camille 5 years ago

    That sounds nice! Maybe I’ll get a day like that sometime in the next 20 years, lol!

  3. Maureen 5 years ago

    Sounds like an awesome perfect me time 😀
    Can’t wait to read about your Kangen water experience.

  4. We all need a little me time, another great post

  5. Dominique Goh 5 years ago

    I too would like a day where I can sleep in and do what I like but I guess I still have to wait till the kids get a bit bigger before this is possible.

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