Mood Booster At Work

Mood Booster At Work
March 12, 2015 CuteCoco

It would be a dream come true if I could go vacationing all year round and money still comes in to my bank account. While some people actually live that dream, some of us have to work to get the money into the bank account and still cannot afford year round vacation.

Isn’t it so depressing when we come to think about it?

So depressing that when that thought emerges it brings down the mood. Working becomes tiring.

I loved my full time job. Everyday I woke up feeling refreshed and excited that I had another new day at work. But, I had my downs too. Some days I just wanted to bail. In these particular days, aura was dark and working was the last thing I wanted to do even though I was sitting religiously in front of the computer.

But this stage never stayed for too long. I would normally come around after sometime because I used to have mood boosters for days like these.

Today I want to share them with you all and hopefully you will find them useful too whenever you don’t feel like working.

1. Surround yourself with inspiring quotes.

Place your favorite quotes, the inspiring ones, in gorgeous frames (better if decorated to your like) and put them at your desk or the walls next to you. They would be good reminders about why you chose to work there in first place.

2. Colors burst.

Did you know that I used to stick colorful keyboard stickers on my keyboard? It made my bosses and other colleague difficult to type on my computer (ha!) and my IT manager frown. I called it “creativity fun”. It boosted my creative mood all the time.

3. Cute mug.

As a coffee lover, having a cute mug is compulsory. Sipping my coffee from a cute mug makes me feel powerful, strong and sexy.

4. Play with your planner.

Sometimes daydreaming at work can cure everything. When I am bored, I will open my planner and start crafting my days in the future: what I will do on next Sunday, what I want to eat for dinner tonight, and so on. I can even plan my vacation for the next year!


5. Walk around.

Go to the toilet. Visit your colleagues’ desk. Get water in the pantry. Just walk around. You would be amused with what you can possibly find when you get up from that chair.


What do you do when you get bored at work?


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  1. Ratna 6 years ago

    Number 2, 4 & 5 works for me ! Indeed boost my bad day ^_^

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