First Day Look & Must Haves at Work

First Day Look & Must Haves at Work
March 26, 2015 CuteCoco

When you are back to a corporate world you have the only one shot to make a good lasting impression. That one chance, whether you make it or break it, is on your first day at work.

There was this new girl at my former workplace who came with a bang on her first day. She was the talk of the day. Some people said she was pretty. But the headline news was not about her beauty but about how thin and sheer, almost transparent top she wore. Every gossip queen in the office discussed her bra color. Not a very good impression I must say. To an extreme most people may think she was a slut. You won’t want this as your first impression at your new workplace will you?

First day at work is always exciting. I love it. Always. The thrill that I am going to meet new people, new challenges, new everything, is addictive. Therefore I love to prepare much in advance.

Here are a few ideas of look you can rock on your first day at work also my idea of things you must have along with you. you have any funny story to share about first day at work experience?


First day look fun
First day look Green


First day must haves


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