Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts
February 14, 2015 CuteCoco

Thursday morning, after a chaotic school preparation followed by the kids’ 10 minutes late arrival at school, I decided to station at Hoka Hoka Bento. It used to be my favorite Japanese fast food chain and the fact that one of the outlet is located just next to the kids school makes it perfect choice for me.

The two customized planners that were going to be shipped in that afternoon needed to be wrapped and packed. I took out two scotch tapes (big and small), a scissor and the brown wrapper. I have thrown them in the car earlier as I didn’t have time to pack them the night before.



I was just starting to wrap the first planner when a group of bank workers stormed in. They were quite polished, the girls had flawless hair and gorgeous make up on. All of them were suited up with shiny shoes.

When they chose the table next to mine in an instant I felt irony filled the air. I looked down on my golden flip flop. Though it was branded and stylish (hah!) still: flip flop!  They were talking about how business todays while on and off trying to figure out their seating arrangement and who ordered what. They didn’t mind me, for sure, but I could imagine if it were a stage. There on your right side, a group of young executives and on your left side, a crazy mom in flip flop playing scissors and wrapper.

Almost bursting in laugh for the irony, I quietly smiled. I have been there. I have done that. What looks like something stupid from the outside is actually a process of me catching my own dream.

I quickly finished up wrapping both planners and tidied up. The two planners had my own design in them, something that was produced by my brain. The two planners were going to their new owners that day, who I truly hoped would like them and appreciate the passion put into them.

As I made my way out, I saw more cars were coming and parked. More well-suited men and women came in. It must be a special day for them to go for lunch in a big group like that. I held the planners, now neatly wrapped, carefully.  This is a baby step I am taking. I took a glance once again to the crowd inside.


I didn’t miss any of my corporate ladders climbing days.



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  1. Working in flip-flops is pretty sweet. I wouldn’t miss the corporate ladder either. :)

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