Chills with No Fever

Chills with No Fever
February 15, 2015 CuteCoco

One fine Sunday can turn into a rather dramatic scene in a flip when chills decides to catch hold little A.

Without any intro nor prior warnings my little one who is already half asleep goes from calm to unease, curling even more besides me with his arms and legs turn cold. The sudden event leaves me puzzled as it is the first time I see something like this.

He says he feels cold.

So I apply some warming oil on his feet and then wrap them with socks. Two blankets are expected to work their magic plus a thick yellow sweater. But none seems working.

While laying besides him I surf the net looking for an answer. He probably eats something bad, I try hard to recall what he has been eating the whole day. Fried noodles, biscuits and chocolate milk don’t seem harmful. And then, I stumble upon it.

Sudden chills with no fever. Normally happens to children. Few things can cause chills without fever such as intense exposure to cold temperature, infection on tonsil, early symptoms of flu and many more.

Despite my continuous silent prays that it is only due to the cold weather outside little A’s temperature shoots high almost in an instant. An egg can probably go over-welldone when put on his skin. ER visit has become apparent, unfortunately.

We reach the nearby hospital in short drive. The process goes quiet fast. He has infection on one of his tonsil, the doctor diagnoses. Antibiotics, paracetamol and vitamin are prescribed.

chills no fever

Little A is now still under the weather. Temperature is still high, which is manageable with the medicine.

I hope in three days he will be okay.

Though, today he has looked at me with sparkly eyes and says “I still have temperature right mommy? So no school for me!” I can seem to hear him cheering for that unfortunate fact.

Oh kids!

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Comments (11)

  1. Theresa 6 years ago

    Poor baby! I hope the meds are easing his discomfort. Though, my kids are secretly happy when they get to miss school due to illness too lol.

    • Rina 6 years ago

      Thank you Theresa, yeah they really love the idea of not having had to go to school even if it is so uncomfortable for them -_-‘

  2. Ratna 6 years ago

    sick leave is always been a good excuse ^_^

    • Rina 6 years ago

      Yes not only for kids, it’s good excuse for us tol, adult haha

  3. Camille 6 years ago

    Poor thing! I hope he gets better fast.

  4. xaveria 6 years ago

    Hai mam, maybe you can try a traditional recipe. I usually give my child juice of kunyit with a little honey when they got high fever. Its about a half of glass. Hope it can help your son, mam.

    • Rina 6 years ago

      Oh really? Thank you for sharing the traditional recipe. Will try it!

  5. Rosey 6 years ago

    Aww little guy. I hope he’s back to 100% soon. It’s def. a good sign that he’s cheering for no school. :)

    • Rina 6 years ago

      He’s back now and wasn’t so excited to go back to school haha

  6. Joyce 6 years ago

    I hope little A is well.

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