Birth Control Overhaul

Birth Control Overhaul
February 20, 2015 CuteCoco

I am sleep deprived and soon going to bed for tomorrow’s early departure. While tomorrow’s story is for another post, here I bring you my birth control overhaul story.

There was something different when I shaved my lower part in the shower that day. I was shielded with a strong determination that after months trying to avoid the inevitable I finally woman-up.

Be brave! Shouted my own inner voice. It was only felt like a little pinch before. This time shouldn’t be more painful.

Down, was the bushes. Don’t ask how long since I have had shaved. Let me emphasize on the proceeding hours when I would show my private part down there to a stranger.


Relax, I was only visiting OB/GYN.

The copper has been providing me with security for the past 5 years. It is my comforting escape after two childbirths, of which despite the gloriousness I refuse to repeat the same agonizing 12 hours of crunching pain and cramps for trying to eject a cute adorable little human being out of my tummy.

Two is my limit.


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Birth control is a wonderful fence that prevents you from getting to the other side once more. That other side is the motherhood stage that entails with the childbirth aftermath: sleep deprived, exhausted, emotionally drained and round o’clock worrisome.

And now the IUD copper, my preferred birth control device, needs to be replaced for its age only 5 years max.

Confidently, I laid my back for an ultrasound check. This is the first step in a birth control overhaul process after which they will take out the old one and plant the new one.

Simple. Yet…

“Are you having period?” the nice lady doctor asked.

“No” I replied, sounded content as I believed I needed to be dry for this kind of procedure.

“Oh no dear, it’s better you come during your period. The best is on the second or the third day.”

Huh? Now I was stunned.

“The copper is located inside your uterus” she pointed out to the ultrasound screen. A thick iron-like was resting inside my tummy. “During period your uterus opens up, which makes it easier to extract the device and less pain for you” she continued. It grossed me a little imagining how she would go there in between my leg with period bloods allover. Ough.

Hm. This was also a buy-me time opportunity. My period wasn’t going to come until next week. “Oh well..okay, so I will be back next week then..”. A relieve resonated in my voice. Apparently I still had a bit of scare for the possible pain from the procedure.

But I am glad. Now I have one week allowance to shape up my determination once more.

Birth control overhaul should not be that hurt. Naaah…

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Comments (4)

  1. Theresa 6 years ago

    I had Jason get fixed after Allison was born. Told him he wasn’t allowed to touch me again until he had it done. It was a lot less painful for him and a lot cheaper if he did it instead of me. Best $600 we ever spent!

    • Rina 6 years ago

      Oh is it? Hmm I don’t think my hubster will want to do that. But that is definitely more convenient for us right. Now I am thinking haha..

  2. Doing it during your period will certainly help! I did it twice, once after Bo then another after. Now that Obi will soon be 5, I guess it’s time to have a little check. Good luck..

    • Rina 6 years ago

      Really? Really? Really? Twice?!! Super woman! Did it hurt? Ohoooo scary!

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