[Bazaar Online] The CuteCoconutShop Story

[Bazaar Online] The CuteCoconutShop Story
February 3, 2015 CuteCoco
Printable list things to do

“You are talented Rina. You should work” a former boss texted me the other day. It was already two months since I quit my job. She was a great boss to me. My mom also keeps saying pretty much the same thing. Not the talented part but the idea that I must work. I must have a job. But for her it’s more on the part that I must work in a company for a living to secure my future, at least financially.

I nod in agreement to all that. Yes I am talented. Yes I must work. Yes I must have a job. However, I also strongly believe that in order to do those and to make a good use of my talents I don’t have to be someone else’s employee for the rest of my life. I want to have a thing on my own. So I sail against the wind with a faith that I will get to where I want to be.

…and so the CuteCoconutShop adventure begins.


Honestly if you ask me how much I charge for a template, I won’t know for sure the figure to offer. In my Etsy shop I am selling mostly printable items that you can instantly download. In my CuteCoconutShop.com (the website is in total mess right now) it will focus on planner and gift customization. All in all I’d like to think that I am selling creativity. It is almost immeasurable because creativity highly depends on individual perception. Yet, it is what makes it interesting and wonderful.


My workshop is the little corner in our small apartment, right in front of the TV. We don’t have so much free space at the moment and most of the time I have to fight with the kids over my so-called workshop space. In this little corner I craft my ideas, put them together into a design and then upload it for everyone to purchase. In this little corner I handmade the printed version of the printable planner. This little corner is filled with my passion and my love of designs.

Let’s take a peek into my Etsy shop, shall we?


Despite my gadget-freaky-ness I am still old-fashioned when it comes to planning and organizing my days. I love making a list. It gives me a sense of achievement if I am able to tick everything off the list. I like the feeling of being content after I scribble random words or ideas on my planner sheets. It makes me feel productive and refreshed.

The customized planners, cards and notes from CuteCoconutShop are dedicated to you who love to plan your days always ahead. You, who love colors and all sweetie cutie little things to decorate your planner. You, who want a user-friendly planner that is adjustable to what you need.

To this date I have managed to create around 3 sets of printable planner: The Butterfly Code, #GoWellness 2015 and That Little Thing Called Love. What are they?

The Butterfly Code (Size A5 – half A4)

blog planner

A set of printable planners to help you keep up with your blogging activities. Year 2015 is big deal for me because I am returning to my blogging root. Hard work and commitment are keys. The Butterfly Code has customized pages every blogger would need:

–       Blogging calendar plan (undated)

–       Weekly blogging ideas

–       Blog statistic record

–       Linky party schedule list

–       Potential sponsors list

–       Blog revenue manager

–       Notes

The set includes a cover page.

The printed version is wire-bound and up for the price of IDR 95.000,- (exclude shipping fee).

You can download the printable version HERE.


#GoWellness 2015 (Size A5 – half A4)

In January 2015 together with Maureen from Scoops of Joy I host a linky party that circle around inspirations and motivations to have health and wellness lifestyle. The linky is up every Wednesday and one day I just want to reward everyone who participated for their willingness to join us and for the inspirations they share among us. Hence #GoWellness 2015 was created.

GoWellness Planner 2015

This is a set of printable planners that can be your trustable partner in planning your health and wellness goals, and stick to them. The sets include:

–       Monthly wellness goals

–       Weekly meal planner

–       Grocery list

–       Weight loss tracker

–       Things to do list (with water intake tracking per day)

–       Notes

Also includes a cover page.

The printed version is wire-bound and up for the price starting from IDR 95.000,- (exclude shipping fee). As it is customized planner you are free to mix and match with other pages from my other printable planner design and then the price will be calculated accordingly.

You can download the printable version HERE.


That Little Thing Called Love (Size A5 – half A4)



This is so far the general planner that should fit everyone, from busy stay at home moms to full time working moms.

The idea is to have brightly colorful pages that scream joy and happiness so that it affect on the way you craft your days and the way you feel about your days. It’s a spirit pumping and positivity booster.

That Little Thing Called Love set includes:

–       Juicy calendar planner (designed for side by side placement)

–       Task list

–       Billing tracker

–       Notes

The printed version can be wire-bound or ring-bound that is refillable. The ring-bound version comes with handmade hard covers.

The price starts from IDR 95.000,- (exclude shipping fee). It is customizable that you can mix and match with other pages from my other designs and then the price will be calculated accordingly.

You can download the printable version HERE.



Besides the sets, individual planners are also available for your in-house printing and then you can insert them in your planner or binder. The printed version is also available with price starts from IDR 25.000,- per 15 sheets printed double sides totaling to 30 pages (you can request from three type of punch-hole: 2 holes, 4 holes or the normal planner insert A5).


Expenses Notes

printable expenses note


Meal Planner

Printable meal planner


Things To Do


Printable list things to do


Billing Tracker

Product_Billing Tracker


There are more items coming up soon on my Etsy shop so do stay tuned and follow CuteCoconutShop on instagram (@cutecoconut) and twitter (@cutecoconutshop). I would also be grateful if you can like our facebook page HERE.


Phew. That’s it for now.

Thank you 100x for visiting my little shop. I am very happy to participate in this online bazaar event!


Disclosure: This post is written to participate in Kontes Bazaar Online – Pamerkan Bisnismu bersama  Ladaka Handicraft dan Layana Shop. (Online Bazaar Contest – Show Off Your Business with Ladaka Handicraft and Layana Shop)

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Comments (21)

  1. istiadzah 6 years ago

    Waaah udah jadi aja postingannya! Note planner-nya emang kece-kece, Mak. Aku tadi juga udah ke Etsy-mu. Kalau biasanya aku ke Etsy liat-liat karpet, sekarang jadi nambah liat kreativitasmu. Daaan, gara-gara dirimu, aku jadi register lho di Etsy. Hihihi. Jadi mikir-mikir mau beli yang lain juga, hahaha, tapi harus pilih salah satu biar kepake maksimal. Takutnya kebeli banyak malah ga kepake, sayang. :’)

    Anyway, sukses ya Mak online shop-nya! :)

    • Rina 6 years ago

      hehehe…ayo maak semangat! kepake deeeh yang blog planner itu 😀 Makasih ya mak :)

  2. Ratna 6 years ago

    Mak’eee, aku naksir Butterfly Codes. Should it thru Etsy or ?

    • Rina 6 years ago

      Iya mak kalo mau yang lepasan, tapi yang set bisa juga langsung ke dakuh…

  3. Rodame MN 6 years ago

    I really like this, creative and full of motivation :) goodluck for your online business Rina :)

  4. Rina 6 years ago

    Thank you mak :)

  5. Fenny Ferawati 6 years ago

    Setuju banget kalau kreatifitas itu tidak terukur pasti harganya, sukses ya mak

  6. ipehalena 6 years ago

    Semoga sukses ya Mak bisnisnya, desainnya ketje banget.

    • Rina 6 years ago

      Amiiin…thank you so much mak :)

  7. astin 6 years ago

    jadi diingetin lagi untuk nulis-nulis, hm… projectnya keren sekali.

    • Rina 6 years ago

      yes, c’mon write, blog..and have fun!

  8. kania 6 years ago

    aduh mak, bahasa inggris. Untung masihh ngerti dikit2 hehe..sukses olshopnya ya…

  9. uwien 6 years ago

    Kalo pake planner gini, kayaknya bisa lebih disiplin nih hidup :)

  10. leyla hana 6 years ago

    Wah keren bisa bikin planner kayak gitu. Tapi aku orangnya gak disiplin nulis-nulis jadwal T_T

  11. Inda Chakim 6 years ago

    Desainnya bagus2 mbak..naksir…
    Sukses bisnisnya ya mbak rina :)

  12. inna riana 6 years ago

    waah cakep2 banget mak ^_^

  13. Lusi 6 years ago

    I agree with your former boss. You’re talented indeed. :))

    • Author
      CuteCoco 6 years ago

      haduh ada senior haha…jadi malu…makasiiih mak!

  14. uluwala 6 years ago

    Buka bisnis yang modalnya keterampilan tangan memang nggak ada matinya. Planner-nya cute. Desainnya bagus-bagus! Sukses terus, ya. :))

    • Author
      CuteCoco 6 years ago

      Makasiiiiih :)

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