20 Blog Post Ideas in February

20 Blog Post Ideas in February
February 2, 2015 CuteCoco

It seems like only yesterday I heard the fireworks cracked up the night sky to welcome the new year. It seems like only last night we rocked the karaoke room until passed midnight as a late new year celebration. But I looked at my calendar this morning, and it tickled a little to see that it is February already.

31 days had passed without me notice it. I mean, 31 days are a lot! Times fly so quickly these days…

printable blog planner 2015

I am still up and running with the blogging. Had skipped few schedules due to unforeseen busy days. But I am still running. Yes I am. So while I am crafting the blog plan for another month, allow me to share with you some 20 blog post ideas that you can steal and do in February:

1. The first date flaw

2. I know he is the one because..

3. 5 favorite places to celebrate love

4. My favorite flowers

5. The best valentine’s gift I have ever received

6. Going on a second honeymoon

7. The first make up

8. Healing a broken heart

9. Candle lit dinner dos and don’ts

10. Valentine’s gift ideas

11. My plan for valentine’s day

12. Funny story that I cannot forget

13. The celebrity that I would take on valentine’s date

14. Our honeymoon

15. How he proposed

16. Ideas of dressing up for valentine’s day

17. Love movies that I don’t mind watching them over and over again

18. My 10 favorite love songs

19. Favorite valentine’s cake

20. Ideas of celebrating valentine’s day at home


Do you have more? Throw them on the comment field below :)

You probably want to start arranging the ideas into some scheduling. Download the Blog Planner from CuteCoconutShop here.

Happy blogging!


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Comments (7)

  1. Maya siswadi 6 years ago

    The first I meet my hubby! Angkot! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Rina 6 years ago

      haha seru tuh mak..would you blog about it and share?

  2. efi 6 years ago

    . This is what I need to boost my mood :) Blog Planner. Never thought about it. Nice share :) When I was in college, i met a man in angkot and have a nice chit chat and in love with him, but we never met again. *sigh*

    • Rina 6 years ago

      Hmm maybe we can create a blog post link up Angkot Love Story haha..

  3. winda puspita 6 years ago

    mendekati februariii bulan cinta..kayaknya postingan valentine yg akan jadi ide untuk post ๐Ÿ˜€ hehehe

    • Rina 6 years ago

      yes..love is in the air :)

  4. Mia 6 years ago

    Love these ideas of love posts!!! Thank you for the great ideas!

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