Wellness Wednesday #4: Morning Routine

Wellness Wednesday #4: Morning Routine
January 28, 2015 CuteCoco


So happy to meet you all again in another Wellnessday. Last week, most of us talked about how proud we were with our body. Another week of great learning I must say. Can’t be thankful enough. Thanks gals!


It is far from promoting health and wellness, unfortunately. Sometimes I wish I could wake up one hour early for a bit yoga and moving my body in the name of exercise. But no matter how early I am awake there is only that much time to do the necessary things. Chaotic morning is there to welcome me as soon as I open my eyes, push me into the deep hole to start the day.

I usually play master chef, trying to juggle the menu: breakfast, snack and lunch box. In between, I run to the bedroom to wake up the kids. It takes tons of patience and efforts to make them fully awake. Poking, shaking, tickling along with soft voice, playful voice and end up with high pitch when I see the clock keeps ticking and my kids are still sleeping. Huff.

Forty five minutes to seven we are down stairs. Stuff everything in the car quickly. There will be fights over the ipad or the car sits or just for the sake of fightings. One will cry, one will push, and hit, and then cry louder. One will scream “mommy” the other will whine out loud and I cannot pay more attention as I am setting up the GPS to drive to their school.

Where’s husband? Oh sure, he is very helpful in carrying the kids fully loaded bags (which are super heavy – I wonder what they learn everyday? I can’t remember my bag being this heavy back then!), but running around in the morning is my department.

Am I happy? DEFINITELY. No matter how busy my morning is, no matter how shitty my day is…I always chose to be happy. Right now I am content. Every morning I am thankful. Every morning is a new hope for me.

Even though I still cannot manage to squeeze in some exercise yet in the morning, I am confident I will be able to make it soon. I just have to try harder ๐Ÿ˜€


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1. How do you cope with stress?

2. Would you consider going under the knife for better figure? Why?

3. 10 things you learned at the gym

4. Gym Etiquette

5. Fitness/Health myths debunked!






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Comments (12)

  1. Mary Elizabeth 6 years ago

    Awwww. This is so cute. It’s great that you’re happy despite the whole day’s chaos! Thank you so much for sharing this. See you around. :)

    • Rina 6 years ago

      ha ha… super chaotic! Thanks Mary, see you around!

  2. Debbie Rodrigues 6 years ago

    I also chose my morning routine as this week’s topic. It is interesting that even though we have a totally different way to approach, the most important we have in common: be happy. Happiness has to be there otherwise nothing makes sense, doesn’t it?

  3. I will be back to the chaos of getting children ready for school next week, I love how happy you feel within it, and you are right, it is great, fun chaos

    • Rina 6 years ago

      After midday I am always thankful that I can get through half of the day without going crazy lol.

  4. Rosey 6 years ago

    I get up way way way early. I have for years. Lately though, I’ve been staying up late for research and it’s throwing me off.

    • Rina 6 years ago

      Funny thing is that when I sleep early I tend to wake up late…how ironic ha ha..

  5. Janine 6 years ago

    I so don’t have a morning routine, no matter how hard I try!

    • Rina 6 years ago

      You make me jealous Janine! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Maureen 6 years ago

    My morning is also chaotic, not as chaotic as yours but yes, I feel you. You have the right attitude tho, being content and happy about it ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Rina 6 years ago

      I have to, otherwise I would go gloomy and lose my beauty ha ha..

  7. Rina 6 years ago

    Absolutely Debbie!

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