Wellness Wednesday #1: Lifestyle Changes to Make in 2015

Wellness Wednesday #1: Lifestyle Changes to Make in 2015
January 7, 2015 CuteCoco

My 5 years old little A has this habit of touching my tummy especially before bedtime. Sometimes he just has to do it anywhere anytime, whenever, wherever. Which was quite embarrassing and annoying. I have expelled my objection over and over with zero success. He said he liked my tummy because it felt soft and jelly-ish. In other words, it’s lack of firmness. Yeah. Right.

little A-Wellness

One day, as I laid on my back resting in bed. He came and quickly opened my T’shirt before his face showed a horror shock and shouted out loud “oh no, mommy..your tummy is damage!”. Well with the stretch marks that emerged on carrying him for over nine months (my tummy was flat fine after giving birth to K) it surely looked ‘damaged’.

The 'victory' marks from second pregnancy.

The ‘victory’ marks from second pregnancy.

It was one of wake up calls that sort of banged onto my head. While stretch marks are unable to be removed completely it can reduce by exercise. I admit, I have been very..very slacking on this department.

Soooo.. I have decided that this year, little A needs to dislike my tummy. I need to make it firm and strong. I need strong abs!!

Followings are three simple lifestyle changes that I promise myself to stick my commitment swords on:

– Drink a lot of water. I mean: A LOT

Being hit by harsh flu by the end of 2014 and continues until now have actually helped me started. I now only drink hot water.

– Enough sleep

I used to be the queen of staying up until very late at night. Sometimes I am still wide awake at three in the morning. Not a very good habit. My age have reached thirty something, and while I believe age is only a number but still I want to make an effort to look fresh and glow. Sufficient sleep is a healthy boost to your skin rejuvenation.

– Exercise with focus on tummy and arm

Needless to say, I need to do this urgently!


Are you planning for some simple lifestyle changes this year? Let’s share with me :)

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See you next week!

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Comments (18)

  1. Mary Elizabeth 6 years ago

    I heard that you can use oils like olive oil or lavender oil to naturally remove stretch marks. Worth a try. :) I’m sure the lifestyle changes you’re planning to make will help a lot too. Good luck. I’ll see you around. Cheers! :) ~ Mary

    • Rina 6 years ago

      yes I heard about it too. I also use a product, local one but I think to make those work effectively exercise should be done regularly too ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for linking up Mary :)

  2. Maureen 6 years ago

    You are on the right track. Lots of water plus eating healthier will help the tummy area (I’m practicing that myself hah!) Just remember abs are made in kitchen. Let’s do this!

  3. Debbie Rodrigues 6 years ago

    As funny as it may sound, I added fat to my diet. I was little so little fat that instead of benefiting from it, my body was crashing.
    All in all, I want to keep on exercising and eating at least 80% of the time clean in 2015 and beyond. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Rina 6 years ago

      Thanks for the inspiration Debbie :)

  4. Thank you for sharing your story and inspiration for the change to your lifestyle. I’m sorry, I don’t have any advice for stretch marks, but I do know that we also need to focus on our backs to strengthen and tone our abs. Good luck with your plan.

    • Rina 6 years ago

      Need to focus on our backs too. Got it ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks Debra!

  5. Dominique Goh 6 years ago

    I too am doing some lifestyle changes and that is involving more exercising. I’ve signed up for 2 classes – Zumba and Pilates and may add another Zumba class to my weekly schedule if I can cope.

    • Rina 6 years ago

      that’s awesome! Update on the blog, would love to read your experience :)

  6. Rosey 6 years ago

    Good luck to you with your tummy goals. I’ve found with the blogging the last two years, that I’m not getting up and moving around near enough. It’s starting to show on my bottom! I’m working on that this year. :)

    Happy New Year to you too!! I hope you have a wonderful, prosperous, very fulfilling one! And I hope you get your abs. :)!

    • Rina 6 years ago

      Yes Rosey, that’s right…with blogging we just sit and type! Need to add walk for 5 minutes at least at home in the list ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Janine 6 years ago

    I call my stretch marks my tiger stripes. I’ve had them since I was a teenager, and not because I had a baby. Just because of rapid growth and weight loss. Embarrassing since Im not walking around with kids, but they are part of the parcel of being a woman and I think that calling them my ‘tiger stripes’ is kinda empowering. Makes me feel strong, like Ive been through battle and survived. Something like that!

    • Rina 6 years ago

      Yes, we women should be proud of our tiger marks! Need to own them ha! Thank you for the inspiration!

  8. I was lucky to not get more than a couple of stretch marks, I think it’s genetic as my mum had four children and hardly has any, but I did gain a C-section scar with my third baby and I am really proud to be open about it with my children, I see it as something to be proud of! Us women go through a lot, we are strong and beautiful, love Mac

    • Author
      CuteCoco 6 years ago

      oh lucky you. I wish I had that genetic as well. My stretch marks are worst ha ha…hopefully this year I can at least reduce the appearance a bit if not all of them :)
      Indeed, we are strong and beautiful!

  9. Yanet 6 years ago

    I also have stretch marks since about one and half years ago. Your post remind me to do the same things. Thanks! :)

    • Author
      CuteCoco 6 years ago

      Glad to inspire Yanet. Best of luck for both of us ๐Ÿ˜‰

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