The 7 Notes to Myself

The 7 Notes to Myself
January 20, 2015 CuteCoco

Life can give you ice cream. Life can also beat you up harsh. Sometimes you have your moment to stuck in between. You try to go to the sweetest side but the harsh beating keeps pulling you near.

Yesterday I got my present. A reality check that told me that whatever I do there will always be someone who took it the wrong way. The painful thing is if that someone is actually the one who I expect to give more support and faith rather than an underestimation.

Still, I am thankful. Life has given me a beautiful learning that projected in the 7 notes to myself:

Negative people will always find negativity in everything and they will always  be excellent in creating excuses for their negativity.

I need to stop trying to divulge my dreams to those who don’t have a faith in me because it is just a waste of time.

Family is not always your great supporter. 

There are shameless people who show up by your door and expect you to pay for their expenses. When you don’t they call you names behind your back. Yet, those people are said to be successful.

Good intentions sometimes are not appreciated.

Blaming is so much easier than giving a meaningful solutions.

Educating stubborns takes hard works. Those hard works are better used to pursue your dreams.


Thank you. Let’s move on.

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  1. It’s great that you were able to take your reality check and view it as a life lesson. Negative people will be negative, haters will hate, those people rarely change. I’ve learned my lesson about them. Best to do exactly what you have done – identify who they are, decide on how to handle them and move on. Have a great day!

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