Red in Style

Red in Style
January 13, 2015 CuteCoco

This week I’ve been swimming through a hectic schedules. It was tough to find a good school for the kids that fits in our budget in this new city. Fortunately, that department has settled today. So I can breathe a bit now and spend some times to rearrange my own schedule.

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Marked on my calendar is the next mom-bloggers gathering initiated by Kumpulan Emak Blogger (Momblogger Club in Indonesia). It’s going to be my first ever and I am so excited. All this time we only connect through social media and our blog. Meeting face to face is going to be a lot more interesting. I know :)

The dress code is RED. I went through my clothes yesterday, which most of them are still packed in my big suitcase (yeap, not yet unpacked ha ha). I found one see-through blouse that should be great if being paired with my legging. However, I think I have thrown most of my black legging back in our previous home. So I am not sure what I am going to wear.

The uncertainty-ness took me to my all time favorite: Polyvore. Within minutes, I have gathered three style in RED that you can steal (even though you stay so far from Indonesia and won’t be attending the gathering).
















Why did I name the style like that? I don’t know…I just threw some words randomly.

Tell me which is your favorite? Or do you have a better idea?


PS: Don’t forget to link up tomorrow with Maureen from Scoops of Joy and myself in our #gowellness linky party: Wellness Wednesday. Pick your prompt HERE.

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