Paid Blogging Opportunity: Should You Negotiate?

Paid Blogging Opportunity: Should You Negotiate?
January 26, 2015 CuteCoco

Almost every blogger regardless his initial blogging intention, ends up in the money making business be it monetizing his blog or using his blog as the vehicle to make money. Did you remember the first time you got that email from a company that offered you a paid opportunity? I did. I was super excited and grateful. My self guard was a bit loose, didn’t really care about the tiny details. In my mind I was surprised and proud that finally…FINALLY! my blog got some attentions.

Of course, since it was my very first paid job I cared-less to negotiate even though the money was peanut. The important thing was knowing that someone actually thought my blog was valuable enough. I forgot the business-side that should have entailed after that thought. If my blog was valuable enough then maybe I should ask for more. You know, asking never hurts.

Like when you want a raise at your work place. Or a promotion. You may never get one if you never braise yourself to ask.

On the other side, being a newbie, I had a concern as well. I was worried with the what ifs: what if he withdraws the offer when I ask for more charges? what if turns out my blog is not valuable enough? what if he was actually about to ask someone else and ended up by mistake on my blog that when I asked he would realize it and withdraw his offer?

Are you nodding?

Well, before you agree to be under-paid be sure that you deserve to be paid well. Maybe you should go through the list of 10 reasons why bloggers are paid that I wrote few weeks ago to make you realize that a company is actually saving a lot of money even when they pay you a bit more than the initial offer. So it’s not about your blog it’s about how you can serve their purpose.


Recently I made a tough decision. I turned down an offer when I actually needed extra money. In old days, I used to be kindhearted by accepting an offer after my negotiation failed. But then I re-evaluate my whole concept, how I am doing it and why I am doing it in the first place.

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Blogging for me is not only about money but also passion. The professional service tags along, definitely. Would I sell it for cheap? NO WAY.


How you rate yourself for your service as a blogger or online marketer depends on how much money you actually need. Taking into your consideration is your cost such as internet connection, electricity bill when you blog, those cups of coffee you buy on the coffee shop while working on your blog/projects. Depends on how high your maintenance is.

Once you decide on your rate, think of the way you blog. Think on how you can make your blog compatible with the rate you offer and then start working on it.

I would suggest when you negotiate, never start with a discount. Rather, throw more benefits. Reducing price is doable but let’s make it the last effort and don’t come down too low. Unless…. you are really..really desperate.


At the end of the day, I gotta admit I can take an offer too despite less paid. I mean, if I like it why should I reject it? This is the wonderful world about blogging and working on your own blog. You are FREE TO DECIDE.


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