Why French Is A Fantastic Option For Children Looking For A Language

Why French Is A Fantastic Option For Children Looking For A Language
December 3, 2014 CuteCoco

Back in college, I used to see my friends who took the French class tried to speak with each other using their new-learned-language and listening to them was always amusing. It actually still amuses me today whenever I overheard someone speaking in French.

Though my kids now have Mandarin class I think someday when they are a bit older they should learn French too. Turns out French is a fantastic option for children looking for a language.

An A-Level French will not only train you to communicate in the language but also become familiar with the cultures, heritages, and histories of countries that spoke and have been influenced by the Frenchmen.


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Why should you consider French lessons? Here are some the best reasons why:

–          French is one of the top global languages.

Along with English, Spanish, Mandarin, and German, French is also a top global language. Based on statistics, there are over 200 million native speakers of French around the world aside from those still learning or acquiring the language as their second or third tongue. Did you know that French lessons or courses are the second global choice when it comes to language education just next to English? On the internet, it is also more prevalent compared to Spanish.

–          Use it to communicate when travelling

Would you only be using your French knowledge when travelling to France? No, because French is widely spoken in almost all continents. If you take your A-Level French, you will learn that half of the African population understands French. It’s a language in Canada, US, several parts of Europe like Switzerland, parts of South America, parts of Asia like Vietnam, etc.

–          It’s an advantage when you’re eyeing an international job or post

Do you dream of landing a job in an international organization line the United Nations? Having knowledge of French will be an advantage because it’s one of the official and actual languages used by UN and its divisions, the EU, NATO, Red Cross, etc.

–          Take advantage of employment and business opportunities

The French economy is one of the largest in the world. And this means both employment and business opportunities. Several companies especially those belonging to the fashion or garments and the restaurant industry also prefer French-speaking employees.

–          It’s the language of culture, love, high society, and fashion

French is a romantic language. So if you want to impress men or women, take your French lessons. If you don’t have a love yet, learn the language and head to Paris. Additionally, French is also the common language used in fashion. And it’s also considered a desirable language for the rich and famous.

–          It makes easier to learn or master English and Spanish

If you are trying to master or widen your vocabulary in English, learning French would be beneficial. Did you know that English has deeper roots from French than Latin? Learning the language is also a good practice for your tongue to make learning Spanish much easier.

–          It’s unique and fun to learn

Finally, French lessons and language excises are very much fun to learn and recite. To add up to that interest, A-Level French should also be able to let you experience and understand the French culture.





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Comments (2)

  1. Theresa 6 years ago

    I took several years of French lessons in high school, but forgot a lot of it. Wish I would have continued because it is such a beautiful language!

    • Author
      CuteCoco 6 years ago

      Yes, language should be practiced all the time otherwise, vocabulary will be the first one to go and then we are left with nothing.

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