When My Bed-wetter Strikes

When My Bed-wetter Strikes
December 11, 2014 CuteCoco
waterproof bed shield

My bed-wetter stroke again last night. Two nights in a row.

Unfortunately the doable trial and errors don’t give me long lasting solutions to avoid strikes like these. Advices, such as get him use the toilet before going to bed or reduce his water intakes few hours before bedtime, have been implemented too many times. His reasons? “I don’t feel the urge yet mommy!”. The fight to get him do it is really exhausting. In many occasions he ends up going to bed only to wake up the next morning soaking wet.

Last night, I tried again the thing that has had almost zero successful rate: waking him up at mid night to use the toilet. Again, it was a failure. Again, he made a pool of urine on his bed.

The last resource I can pull of is to protect his mattress from the stain and the smell. Sometimes I can save the big laundry too because the shield is wet-wipeable.

Here is my gratitude to you my waterproof bed shield.

waterproof bed shield

my waterproof bed shield

Delivery man


Thank you for always being there when my bed-wetter strikes.

Disclosure: this is not an advertising for my waterproof bed shield. but if you want to buy just go to my cutecoconutshop.com 😀

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Comments (5)

  1. Alissa Apel 6 years ago

    My youngest went through 1/2 a year with no accidents. Now he’s back to wetting the bed again.

  2. Rina 6 years ago

    Oh no..so what do you do? Share some tips please!

  3. it takes a while for our kiddos to be free from this bed-wetter season :)…I always make sure they go to the toilet before hitting the bed and wake up whenever they need to pee…We found out that they’re afraid of the dark so that discourage them to go to the loo at night, but after telling them where the light switch was, it worked :)

  4. Theresa 6 years ago

    I am so happy we are past the bed wetting stage. It’s great to know you have something reliable for when it happens though!

    • Author
      CuteCoco 6 years ago

      I can’t wait to pass this stage *sigh

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