Awesome Tricks To Refine Your Resume

Awesome Tricks To Refine Your Resume
December 11, 2014 CuteCoco

Sometimes back I decided to return to an office job after almost 4 wonderful hiatus years. Excited? Yes. Nervous? Yes. But first thing’s first: I needed to update my resume.

I spent quite long time back and forth looking at my old resume, biting my lips, trying to figure out what to do to fill up that 4 years gap. I couldn’t just stated I was a stay at home mom. No. That honorable job was non-existence in a corporate world. Needless to say my resume needed magic tricks.

Followings are my awesome tricks to refine a resume that I believe can help you too if you are on your way to return to the 9 to 5 work force:

1. Start with your profile summary.

Forget the structured chronologically resume where you list your job experiences from the current to the oldest one with an opening of you passport sized photo uninterestingly staring back at the person who is reading it. Mind me but I think that kind of resume is too boring and can easily slip away from an opportunity of being interviewed.

Your resume is your only chance to make the lasting first impression. So, open it with a bang. My profile summary is changeable depending on what kind of job I am applying for. If it is something to do with marketing I sell myself as an experienced marketer giving a brief introduction to my experiences and my passion in marketing field. If it is something to do with guest services, I highlight my passion in guest services along with my special skills and knowledge.

Your profile summary should give a clear picture about who you are, your charming personality, your special awesome skills and impressive experiences. Do that in one short paragraph only.

2. Include your amazing photograph.

Shy away from the normal passport style photograph. Instead, if necessary, ask a professional photographer to do a shoot for you. Your effort of giving the best in your photo reflects how serious you are in giving your best performance in everything you do.

3. Craft your resume layout to standout.

Don’t just print it in an A4 sized paper black and white. I add little color onto my resume so that it looks fresh and appealing to read. No need to go overboard and create a rainbow. Let me show you the beginning of my resume for an example, from the outdated one to the recent one:

 Resume refinement

4. Focus on achievements and skills.

Most human resources managers are actually not interested to read how long you have worked for your previous company nor your job descriptions. They are looking for a qualified person that will not only fit the requirement but also fit the company values. Don’t tire them with unnecessary lengthy resume. Give them what they want. Highlight your achievements and skills that make you the right person for the vacancy.

5. Repackaging your weaknesses.

Although your years of staying at home motherhood gig have been wonderful, corporate will only look at it as lack of experience. There are younger, fresher candidates in the line with more experience than you so you need to make sure that the job goes to you. Think of your routine. I blog and I work really hard to take my blog up on google page rank and being indexed. I make money from my blog. So my blogging gig becomes my experience to fill in the gap. If you write freelance you can put it there too. Even if you really don’t do anything except just being a mom you can write is as “managing a household of two kids and a husband that include budgeting, handling complaints, menu crafting, housekeeping, creative activities organizing and education plan”. Your creativity will snap.

Bottom line is be creative and show some passion. Do you need a help to refine your resume? Contact me HERE.

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  1. Armita Fibriyanti 6 years ago

    keren banget sih mak sarannya, resumenya mak rina juga okeh punya. top deh

  2. Rina 6 years ago

    😀 thank you maak!

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