7 Tips For Clearer Skin For Your Wedding Day

7 Tips For Clearer Skin For Your Wedding Day
December 8, 2014 CuteCoco

Days before my wedding day I was a bit anxious about my skin. I think it is normal that all women want to look flawless and simply beautiful during their wedding day. If you are worried by the acne, impurities, and other imperfections on your skin you might want to rely on your wedding make up. But if your skin problem is not that simple, it will certainly show up no matter how you hide it.

I Do.. Cherish you ..

Here are 7 tips for you to have a clearer skin and brighter glow on your wedding day:

  1. Consult a dermatologist

Whether the problem is as simple as blemishes up to the more severe acne and scars, the first person who can help you prepare is a dermatologist. The dermatologist should be able to assess and find the root of your skin concerns and suggest the best skin care regimens for you to clear that skin.

  1. Search for a skin care regime that works for you and don’t change it

If until this moment you don’t have any skin care regimen yet, it’s already the time to research and experiment. And once you are successful in finding an effective skin care regimen using natural skin care products then avoid changing it up to your wedding day. Trying out something different might just cause unwanted problems.

  1. Keep your skin clean

The main secret in achieving a clearer skin is to ensure that it is regularly cleaned. Dirt and oil are the main causes of acne so you must constantly keep your skin free of them. After cleaning, use a moisturizer to keep it healthy and protected. Also, don’t forget to remove and clean your face when choosing and experimenting on your wedding make up.

  1. Spend a day at the spa

Several months before the wedding day, try to visit a spa center. Full body spa and pampering should ensure total cleansing of your skin. According to Bridal makeup kent an added benefit of doing so is to get rid of all those life stresses. Try visiting at least every month or every two weeks in the months running up to the wedding.

  1. Take antioxidants and lots of vitamin C

Clearing the skin should not only be done externally but from the inside as well. Most of the time, focusing inside your body is even more effective than any surface beauty regimen. Take antioxidants regularly and see the striking difference in just days or weeks. For best results, couple it with lots of vitamin C.

  1. Watch your diet

Your skin needs to be nourished so you also have to watch your diet. There are certain types of foods that are proven to help clear and improve the appearance of the skin. You should try juicing fruits and vegetables. In contrary, there are also foods that can trigger skin problems like acne breakouts so it pays to be familiar and avoid them.

  1. Ward of stress a week before the wedding day

Finally, you don’t want an acne breakout a day before or even during your wedding day. Although it can be hidden by your wedding make up, it will still feel uncomfortable. Aside from assuring that your skin is clean, you should also try to get rid of stress at least a week before the wedding. So by this time, you should already be relaxing and not thinking about any wedding day problem


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  1. so true..the last thing you want to have before the wedding day is an acne bursting out on the most hideous place :)…nice tips..

    • Author
      CuteCoco 6 years ago

      Thankfully I had no issue on my wedding day 😀

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