4 Awesome Business Trip Must Dos If You Are A Mom

4 Awesome Business Trip Must Dos If You Are A Mom
December 5, 2014 CuteCoco

I was super excited with my first business trip long back ago. It was the first after so many years stuck behind the desk. I was all suited up, rockin’ my heel, subtle make up and a designer bag. For only a one-night trip I didn’t have to bring a lot with me. I had a meeting with my boss and had to do some media calls afterwards. Full day.


The work stuff was done earlier than I had expected. By 6pm I was already in my hotel room. Alone. A colleague had told me to call her if I wanted to go out to have couple of bite and enjoying the city. But I wasn’t in the mood to go out after hitting the road with high heel all day. So I snugged in my bed, ordered room service, skyped with the kids and J, and then watched TV until late.

Hmm..it was indeed a bit boring. But YOU don’t have to make your business trip that boring :)

Here are 4 awesome business trip must dos if you are a mom:

1. Out and about with a colleague.

If you are on the business trip with other colleague then it would be awesome to check out the city at night or after your workload ends. It could be your one shot to come to the city with a great chance of me-time moment. Maybe the next time you are there is with the kids and husband who granted, will take your attention far away from enjoying the city.

2. Have a peaceful full course dinner in a nice restaurant.

How many fine dining restaurants nowadays that discourage children? Plenty. So take your free pass and indulge in every course.

3. Going naked in your hotel room.

C’mon, you have a comfy room just for yourself. How cool is that? Take off your t’shirt, go bra-less, panty-less, top-less. Just take off everything and enjoy the warm duvet while watching TV. No little voices follow you everywhere shooting you with questions like “are those your boobs?” or “what are those mommy?” pointing at your boobs. At least no one will come around and shout “your boobs are funny! hahahaa..”.

4. Sleep.

We all know who sleep deprived we are. Business trips are indeed stressful and sometimes give us more pressure. But when you get to sleep at night, you can sleep throughout.


Have you been on a business trip lately? What do you think the most awesome thing you can do while on the trip?

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Comments (2)

  1. Theresa 6 years ago

    I’d like to go on a business trip just to get some sleep! Between the kids and dogs, I never get any!

    • Author
      CuteCoco 6 years ago

      how ’bout that? We’re so desperate to get some sleep 😀

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