The Reasons Behind My Garage Sale

The Reasons Behind My Garage Sale
November 12, 2014 CuteCoco

I truly believe that someone’s junk can become someone else’s treasure. My love of garage sale has been growing since I was in college. My first one was a team up with a good friend selling our used accessories and clothes. We rented a space in our college cafeteria (which was open for public in the evening) and worked out our garage sale for around one week. It wasn’t a great success I must say but the experience was priceless.

My very-first-official garage sale was in March this year when I had to move to this small island. We had to sell everything and I used Facebook and Toko Bagus (now OLX – Indonesian version of ebay/craiglist) to help me selling. It was successful and I was satisfied. We sold everything!

Next month we are moving again. It sounds like an old song repeats haha..but I really hope this time is for good. I am super tired to move around, moreover kids school takes more work to relocate. I will definitely use OLX to sell bigger items, but for smaller ones – the ones I love – I want to share with you all here.

Besides moving, here are the other reasons behind my garage sale:

1. Most of them are my favorite items. Things that I have been holding on too long. So I think it’s time to let go. For example, the kids H&M shirt.



2. My books are my treasure. I am a bit of bookworm and I love buying new books. I can’t send the ones I have now to my Jakarta home because it will add more clutter. When we moved from Medan I sent all my books there. This time I decided to let go.



3. I don’t want to throw them away. I want these things to have a new home that will treat and cherish them the way I do.


Go to my instagram to see more items and the price.

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