Dengue Fever: to Moms Staying at a Tropical Haven

Dengue Fever: to Moms Staying at a Tropical Haven
November 1, 2014 CuteCoco

Isn’t it like a dream come true for anyone of us to be able to soak up the Sun while taking the daily dose of gleaming ocean view and sips of young coconut water every single day? I guess it is what everyone would picture in their mind of staying in a tropical island where summer breeze is rejuvenating amidst series of trees and bushes. When you go only for a holiday you could be tickled to wonder how it would feel to stay longer if not forever. Well I must tell you, as someone who was born, grew up and lives in one of the most beautiful tropical country, it can’t be always a haven.

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When you are parents do your search deeper before deciding to set your foot for this tropical setting because behind all those natural beauty there is the wildlife, which can be fascinating but dangerous at the same time. Then, there are insects and mosquitos. Malaria and dengue fever are two most common health issues caused by mosquitos despite routine battle with fogging and repellents.

Last Sunday, little A was down with high fever. In the typical tropic environs and as a mom whose first son had gone through a battle with dengue fever symptoms I could only suspect few  things: either sore throat, blister in the throat, malaria or dengue fever.

I immediately scratched off flue from the list as until the next day no coughing, no runny nose emerged. He didn’t vomit, he didn’t get dizzy, he was just weak badly under the weather. Since the temperature didn’t go down below 39.8 centigrade we decided to see a pediatrician in the evening in the next day.

As I expected he only gave us medicine because at that stage it was impossible to decide other than he could have had an infection. We were ordered to wait for another two days and if the temperature still high we needed to go back for a blood test.

Looking back at my first experience with K, when I ordered for a blood test despite it was only second day of fever and the result came negative, only to find later on another test at 4th day based on doctor’s order the result came back positive with dengue virus. I wasn’t aware then that blood test could give more accurate result for dengue virus after 3rd day of fever.

So we waited and came back after two days for a blood test. Little A’s platelet rate has dropped to 100,000 against the normal 150,000 above. We tried for an outpatient care that night, came back the next day for another test and found the platelet rate has again dropped to 85,000. This time we couldn’t go home. Little A was admitted to the clinic for close observation to anticipate the internal bleeding caused by this virus at lowest platelet rate.

Last night we did another test and the platelet has again dropped to 70,000. His doctor told me that it was expected to go down as low as it could be but once it reached the lowest point it would go up again very fast. Dengue fever critical period is on the 4th and 5th day from the first day of fever. Since today already passed that period I am optimistic that little A will be better soon.


Poor thing he’s got needle spots in both arms.




Your take aways from this write up are:

  • There is no medication for virus. At one point it will be gone by itself or died so what we can manage is the side effects. Some of these side effects are life-threatening. But bottom line is that for dengue fever case what you can do is to monitor closely and manage the possible effect.
  • At dengue fever case you need to consume a lot of water to help increase the platelet level.
  • Guava or guava juice is believed to be very effective for this disease.
  • Date juice or date essence is also good to fight the dengue fever.
  • Critical period of dengue fever is when the temperature is back to normal on 4th dan 5th day. You need to keep a close monitor and check the hands and feet. If it is felt as cold as ice, go to ER at soon as possible.

Fighting Dengue Virus

This monster becomes alarming during rainy season. Accumulated water drops is home to Aedes mosquitos, the carrier of dengue fever. So do not keep open bucket with water in it. Wash your tub regularly. Use anti mosquito incense stick or oil burner or electric to fight off mosquitos and always use mosquito repellent when you do outdoor activities.


Disclosure: I am not a certified doctor nor having any medical background. I wrote this to share my experience as a mom that I hope you can all benefit from. Please seek professional or doctor assistance for medical help.

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  1. Dominique Goh 7 years ago

    Great to hear that Little A is well again. Dengue fever can really be scary

    • Rina 7 years ago

      Yes indeed… hopefully tomorrow he will be discharged from the clinic :)

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