8 Things Newbies Should Learn From Fashion Bloggers

8 Things Newbies Should Learn From Fashion Bloggers
November 14, 2014 CuteCoco

Wednesday these days offers a mid-week joy for me after work. It’s the 8pm Fashion Bloggers show on E! channel that excites me the whole day and gets my attention to the core.

Although I am not a fashion blogger I love everything with the word ‘blogger’ entails. It is the connection. That’s why the show is my amusement. Not only it is sort of an official claim that blogger is indeed a profession, it is also full of cheat sheet all newbies can learn from.

In my humble opinion, here are the 8 things newbies in blogging world should learn from Zanita, Margaret, Sara and Kate:

  • Number is not important. Margaret made a point that tons of followers will not do any good if they only follow for the sake of following. Many brands have now started to realize too that the most important thing is the engagement and connectivity. It should be more than just numbers.
  • Don’t revel too much on statistic. Some experienced bloggers told us to treat our blog like our new baby. Do you remember how you are all excited of your new baby coming home and soon taking pictures of everything she does and never got tired to look back to those photos? Keep coming back checking on your analytic will prevent you from actually writing a good content. So I agree with Margaret. We should not revel too much on our blog stats.
  • Be original. Your blog is your voice. Don’t hide who you are and pretend to be someone you’re not because your reader can smell it.
  • Always camera ready. I admit I have flaws for this one. I am not always camera ready, but I am trying hard now. At least I need to make myself decent enough for a selfie :)
  • Always bring a camera or an iPhone or any phone with good camera. I think this is a really basic thing that every blogger should know. Isn’t it?
  • Love what you do. Like your originality, your passion will also show in the way you run your blog. If you can’t hold on to posting frequently then maybe this is not your passion.
  • Have a good internet connection. One of Kate’s tips for a home office is good internet connection. As a blogger you need to be always connected and if there is no good internet connection, soon your blog is going doomed.
  • Blog with quality. Don’t just write something. Write about it like you mean it and write it meaningfully. Inspire your reader or at least let them have another additional information to contemplate.
Yes, I am that camera ready!

Yes, I am that camera ready!

Do you follow Fashion Bloggers? What lesson you can pick up from the show as a blogger?

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  1. Rosey 6 years ago

    That’s a fun / cute picture you have there! My husband had become the king of selfies lately, he makes me laugh. :)

    • Rina 6 years ago

      Haha thanks Rosey…everyone is on selfies mood lately, you should join your husband and make wefies 😀

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