October 20, 2014 CuteCoco

Multitasking. A word that carries a huge meaning to me as a professional and to me as a mom. Let me take you back to my early career days in a luxury 5 stars resort overlooking a department of more less 17 people and multitasking was our “religion”.

A staff was expected to be able to do a cocktail of tasks and must excel in any of them. It wasn’t too much really. At least we could handle that in 12 hours of our day.

But multitasking in a mom’s world takes a whole new dimension and the game is higher. No degree at any level is needed to master this yet no one can really master the job. To be honest I am pretty sure none of us actually know what we are doing ha ha…

Tell me, who hasn’t tried to fry the chicken while reheating last night soup and listening to the sound of washing machine spinning the laundry?
Who hasn’t tried to iron the clean clothes while watching tv and at the same time tried to attend to a thirsty 3 years old?
Who hasn’t tried to sauté the veggies for lunch box, while preparing milk and toast for breakfast and waking up the sleeping kids for school? – this is my morning chaos btw! (Sometimes it was pasta instead of veggies).
And who hasn’t worked hard to pay attention to husband’s rant about his work while trying to open a candy wrapper and listening to the other boy trying to make you to listen to his new song from school?

Looking back I still cannot believe I can do all that. I get tired just to think of those tasks!


This week I feel my energy is exhausted and I am drained out. My mom is back to Jakarta to attend my cousin’s wedding, we don’t have a nanny (the new one cancelled within few days of my mom’s departure). Though I was granted 2 weeks leave I know I need to work on some urgent projects. Balancing the work, the morning mess, the blog, the laundry, the exercise, the kitchen and the TV (duh I need to relax too!) has become quite daunting.

..and then, to add some salts to the wound, our driver who has been helping us drop and pick up the kids just quit.

Oh multitasking…

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