To Puddle Jumpers

To Puddle Jumpers
September 15, 2014 CuteCoco

We stay in a tropical country where there are only two seasons: Dry and Wet. When you all have snow and cold weather, here we have rains. The kids are definitely one of the eager puddle jumpers. Well, on second thought, I think all kids are skillful puddle jumpers aren’t they? 😉


Puddle Jumpers


I just start with my #cutecoconutkids series and I am preparing for a wet season collection. If you are a clothing line owner who is interested to participate, drop me a line okay?!

Not an owner? Share image of your kids in their favorite winter/rainy season outfit on twitter or instagram and tag #CCPuddleJumpers , it’s gonna be fun!!

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Comments (2)

  1. Roey 6 years ago

    Those are cute as can be!! We’re about to head into snowy season here (boo).

    • Roey 6 years ago

      My name says ‘Roey’ hahhaha. Guess I forgot a letter. Probably for the other post I just commented on too, hahahha

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