Kid and Shirt

Kid and Shirt
September 6, 2014 CuteCoco

I have proposed K and little A “officially” as my models on my #cutecoconutkids series. We shook hands and did a little pinky swear. So I guess that pretty much sealed the deal right?

H&M checker shirt, Guess jeans, crocs

H&M checker shirt, Guess jeans, crocs


Little m T'shirt, Guess jeans, unbranded shoes

Little m T’shirt, Guess jeans, unbranded shoes

On the other note, I am really keen to do a healthier life style with more veggies, more water, more exercises…the later has been way out of my game lately but I know I have to pick it up again and rock it.


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Comments (3)

  1. Rosey 6 years ago

    Those are some pretty cute models you’ve got there too. And if you pinky swore, that def. sealed the deal. :)

    • Author
      CuteCoco 6 years ago

      haha…thanks Rosey!

  2. Theresa 6 years ago

    Awe! They are natural models! I really dig the vibrant purple color in the first shirt!

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