Weekend Delight

Weekend Delight
August 10, 2014 CuteCoco

Weekend has been very busy for me. K and A was coming back home from nearly 2 months extended summer break at my mom’s house. We had been very lazy, but now since the two rascals were coming we  needed to prepare the pad for them. So Saturday was filled with a lot of scrubs and brushes, vacuums and mops, and more importantly..ironing the mounted clean laundry!


The mayhem surrounded the house with us – me and J – working our ass to get things done would have made some perfect pictures to share, if only my instagram app didn’t die on me. Fortunately twitter was on it’s best behavior. Probably because on that Saturday I had my 4th twitterversary. So I spent my weekend on twitter instead.

weekend twitter

Before going to the airport to pick up the kids, who came with my mom, we had lunch together with a mutual friend. I have been avoiding high carbo lately, not in good term with rice, so my choice was the glass noodle with some veggies and chicken.

After lunch we did some shopping using our Eid voucher (IDR 500,000 approx USD 45), got some stuff for the house and the kids.

They came with the last flight. The sun has set long before they finally showed at the arrival gate, running excitedly toward me. Little A was the first to come followed by K while my mom was dealing with their luggages.

Here’s the rest of weekend we spent…

blue sky






How did you spend your weekend?

Share the link with me on the comment field below if you have posted about it. I would really love to hear about it!

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