Sushi & Ramen Feast at Tomo Ramen

Sushi & Ramen Feast at Tomo Ramen
August 11, 2014 CuteCoco

Craving for sushi is painful when you stay in one of the most secluded part of a small island like I do. Fortunately down town, with only an hour drive from our pad, there is this quite popular hawker style Japanese food stall named Tomo Ramen.

It is located right in Potong Lembu street, a very modest two story building with a touch of Japanese in its lanterns, Kimono and paper fan displays. People said the owner used to stay in a ramen stall in Japan. When he returned to Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia, he decided to open his own food stall serving what he knew best: sushi and ramen.




Their ramen noodle is home made, just perfectly blent with the ramen soup of which level of spiciness is number. I had tried level 3 and 5; according to a waiter to whom I asked what level 10 would taste like, some people who were very bold on trying the level 10 had ended up in tummy ache or hitting a jack pot a.k.a. threw up because their body couldn’t take such spicy.

Btw, on my first visit I finished two portions of Izumi Roll!


If you happen to be in Bintan Island and go to Tanjung Pinang, make sure you stop by at Tomo Ramen. For me it’s definitely a lovely change to daily intake of seafoods and chinese foods.

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