Crafty Fun with Meadow Kids

Crafty Fun with Meadow Kids
August 3, 2014 CuteCoco

Just days before K and little A left for their summer holiday at my mom’s house another package came in from UK. It was from Meadow Kids! After so much fun playing with Funny Faces and Bath Stickers Silly Faces the kids were obviously thrilled to open the package. I was super excited!

To us Meadow Kids is not only about toys. Their products offer so much more than just a play and fun. Kids are stimulated to think out of the box and to be creative.

When we unwrapped the kids each has one box. We’ve got Dinosaurs Mini Stamp Set and a Giant Box of Stencils.


Coloring has been little A’s favorite thing to do. Hence the Dinosaurs Mini Stamp Set delighted him the most. He soon became so seriously stamping on papers and colored the dinos afterwards. Being not even 5 years old he has no interest in creating a story line as the set suggested. He just stamped here and there, and pretty satisfied with the ‘art’ he created.


The set came with a booklet, 8 different dino stamp designs and 5 felt tip pens to help finish the stamped outline before being colored.


K was in a stage where he loves writing letters, to me – in particular. When he gets upset with me he will write his frustration of me on  a piece of paper and then asks me to read it. He also likes to write love letter when he is in a good mood about me ha ha…

So of course he was very much into the stencils. The set came with 20 beautifully designed sheets where K could do drawings with the stencils, wrote some words and gave it to me to read. The 6 stencils has around 170 different shapes, and it also came with 6 coloring pencils and one pencil sharpener.

I packed these boxes inside their bag so they can still playing with them at my mom’s house.

I would surely recommend you to get these for your kids. Matter of fact, as the festive season is approaching, these or the Funny Faces and Batch Stickers Silly Faces are certainly going to make into my list of festivity gifts. What do you think?

Check out Meadow Kids site for more of their awesome products or be a fan of their Facebook page!

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