Smart Play with Funny Faces & Bath Stickers Silly Faces From Meadow Kids

Smart Play with Funny Faces & Bath Stickers Silly Faces From Meadow Kids
May 9, 2014 CuteCoco

I have had eye break down for the past two weeks. Somehow every time I spent too much time on the computer I got dizzy and my head spun like I were having sea sickness. It had gotten so bad I decided to minimize my computer/laptop/mobile phone use, only focusing on my work and that was it. But really I couldn’t just turn my back on my love of blogging. For the same reason I have been delaying my story about these awesome Funny Faces and Bath Stickers Silly Faces from Meadow Kids.

Last week the sample finally arrived. I was actually expecting it to come for another two weeks. It was Saturday and we have just got back from the market. The boys had bought new toys and was playing with it when the package came. Within seconds they completely ignored the new toys and were so happy unwrapping.

Two items came in, one was Funny Faces and the other one was Bath Stickers Silly Faces. Both are puzzles that allow your kid create facial expressions with the pieces. The Funny Faces came in a box, with a circus theme and a magnetic board attached so the faces can be arranged on it. A booklet with different facial expressions was provided to guide your kid. The boys really had a great time playing with it over and over and over again. My two boys are under 6 years old with only one year apart hence a fight over toys is a regular thing in the house but the magnetic Funny Faces is so smartly designed it could be played together. I barely heard them fight over it. Instead they were always sitting side by side creating funny (sometimes weird) facial expressions with the puzzle.




The Bath Stickers Silly Faces sticks on the bathroom wall or the bath tub. You just need to use water as the “glue” and the pieces can be rearranged easily. Even I like playing with it while taking a shower (oops, don’t tell anyone okay!).


Oh, and my kids even loved to use their own face to play with these puzzle :)


Meadow Kids produces toys, books, bath plays and craft that are all designed to enhance family interaction and stimulate cognitive development. The production takes place in the UK with compliance to safety regulation of EU and US.

If you want to learn more about this you can go to their webpage or follow their Facebook HERE.


Disclosure: Two product samples were provided to me for this review purpose but all opinions are 100% mine. This is a level 1 review, please visit my Disclosure page for further information.

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Comments (3)

  1. Rosey 6 years ago

    Ha, those are cute!! My little one would love these too. :)

  2. Theresa 6 years ago

    Those faces are hilarious! They are great photo booth props!
    I have to limit my screen time lately too. I am having a hard time focusing on other things in my daily life. Everything seems to get blurry, even when I put my glasses back on!

    • Rina 6 years ago

      Oho…probably you need to renew your glasses?? I think I have to renew mine…sigh…

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