How to Choose the Perfect Shoes for Work

How to Choose the Perfect Shoes for Work
April 10, 2014 CuteCoco

Exhausting. That pretty much sums up my entire first week at new work place. Despite the work load is still light (being a new kid on the block) somehow I still feel very tired once I am back at home. Maybe it’s because I have to play role to be the kids ‘teacher’ after work, or maybe because the landscape is not so shoes-friendly, or perhaps it’s just that I am simply getting old. Whatever it is I am feeling it.

The worst thing was my brand new shoes was broken!

I am sure you still remember how I despised flats for work. Hence I do insist to still wear heels although I have to walk up and down to go to and from my office every day. Not to mention the long road I have to take between one office to another, or between one property to another. Of course cheap shoes like mine even though they are new, they won’t survive the pressure. I just didn’t think they would give up so quickly. Ough.




Oh well I guess lesson learned. Here’s a list of couple of thing to keep in mind when you are buying a pair of shoes for work:

1. The company dress code

Some companies give you a dress code along with dos and don’ts. Some will make you wear uniform. When you know which type your company is then it is easier for you to decide what kind of shoes you need to wear. If the dress code is formal then a sophisticated black heels would be excellent to pair with your pencil skirt. If it is a uniform, please go by the color.

2. The nature of work

What kind of work you will be doing? Is it a desk job or a field job? If your work needs you to sit tight at your desk in front of a computer wearing a gorgeous high heels is highly recommended. Also when you need to meet a lot of clients, making a great first impression is important. Hence your look is almost everything. If you need to move all the time, walk a long way or something that involves physical movement so much you may want to wear something comfortable. In this case I think flats serve the purpose more.

3. The work environment

Obviously working in a corporate environment would be different with working in a resort. Or working at the bank would be different with working at a club. Then you need to adjust the type of shoes you are going to wear.


Bottom line is the shoes that you wear have to be comfortable and not the one that will break your leg at the end of the day :)

Oh oh another thing that helps a lot especially if you are like me who live in a remote island, or if you are just simply too busy to go shopping, buy your shoes online is the best option. You can choose whichever shoes you want just by sitting in front of your computer. If you are browsing around with your mobile you can even shop while you sleep ha!

Do you have anything in mind to add on how to choose the perfect shoes for work?

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Comments (7)

  1. Rosey 4 years ago

    I’m sorry your shoe broke. I had a boot heel break on vacation once. AND I had a pair of shoes rub my feet wrong on a trip we took to Vegas (blisters, in Vegas, oy!). The right shoes are important.

    • Author
      CuteCoco 4 years ago

      very true Rosey!

  2. I loveee shoes…and it’s so true, you have to make sure that your shoes match your work in order to avoid any mishaps ..unlike you, I adore flatters :D..after getting preggy twice and still heavily work, flatters are my best buddies, although I still have tons of high-heel shoes as well…

    • Author
      CuteCoco 4 years ago

      yeah now working in challenging landscape I have to wear flats :(

  3. Theresa 4 years ago

    The right shoes are definitely important. How can you focus on work when you aren’t wearing a pair comfortable enough for the job?

    • Author
      CuteCoco 4 years ago

      Yeap…so painful ha ha…

  4. agnes 4 years ago

    good news for me… thanks before

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