The Easy Recipe to Lose Weight

The Easy Recipe to Lose Weight
March 27, 2014 CuteCoco

It has been shitty days I must tell you not that I am complaining about our gorgeous new surroundings but the feeling of being unsettled is crawling again on my mind and I felt uncertain about a lot of things. Particularly about starting the new job.

While I am sure it is going to be exciting and I am already thrilled with how much experience I will gather with the company, the situation with the kids school is still not done. The school nearby couldn’t supply with a capable teacher to help K and little A study their material from their current school so I still have to search for a tutor, already got the potential ones for Mandarin and Abacus. On top of that our nanny hasn’t been feeling very well this past two days. If she quits then it will give me a lot of headaches and so the shitty days are likely to continue because I will start to work by 1st of April.

Talking about work, I went for uniform fitting couple of days ago and guess what?! No trousers could fit me!! OMG I had never been that XL girl (still not but feels like one) but now my weight had me cross over. I need to lose my weight ASAP!

So I put on a brave face today and went for a jog. Was grateful for the view along the way:

jogging view

Once home I searched for some weight-loss easy recipe to help me out.

I think the Turkey Avocado Wrap from USAtoday old post will surely help but I am going to change the turkey with chicken and the tortilla with a white bread. With a little twist, I am going to make mine like this:

1 white bread

1/2 avocado chop

2.5 oz chicken breast

1 cup spinach

1 medium nectarine or maybe orange

Image source:

Image source:

The Broccoli feta omelete and Chocolate dip banana bite from are also gonna do fine for me.

See more on my Weight Loss Journey Pin Board as I continue to seek (and practice!) the effort to lose weight!

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  1. Theresa 7 years ago

    Sorry you aren’t feeling settled in yet. A move is a difficult transition! Good luck with your weight loss. You do have a pretty view for your jogs. And that wrap looks delicious!

    • Rina 7 years ago

      Ough yes Theresa, I always get this kind of feeling every time we move sigh… thanks for the support though, it made my day!

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