Style to Work: Energetic

Style to Work: Energetic
March 30, 2014 CuteCoco

I can’t understand people wearing flats to work. I really can’t. Those who work from home are the luckiest ones because they get to wear anything (or nothing) and that would be just fine. But people who go to work everyday in a nice office, good building and especially in a corporate environment I’d say flat shoes are big N O.

I have seen a group of people off for work only in their worn flat shoes, even flip flop! It really hurts my eyes. I think when you work outside your house, or when you’re meeting a client your look sends more messages at first impression. But with all my love of heels in my new job (which I am about to start in two days!) I have to shorten my heels a bit.

It is a resort with hilly grounds. Last time when I went there for uniform fitting I was wearing my 12″ heels and the woman who took me around asked whether I intended to wear a shorter pair of shoes once I started to work. I immediately said I did and soon drew a plan in my head to buy one. I was surprised I didn’t break my leg that day 😛

heels down

Since I am back in uniform again, which I am definitely not crazy about, I decided to visit my long-abandoned Polyvore to work on something stylish to wear for work. At least if I can’t wear it I can try to put them together and just imagine I am wearing them now.

Yellow glam


Pink to work


Work with pointy red


Tell me which is your favorite?

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  1. Rosey 6 years ago

    I like them all. I love the pink! And good luck with your new job!

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