Stay Fit and Healthy with Water Detox

Stay Fit and Healthy with Water Detox
March 6, 2014 CuteCoco

I am all sold to the idea of slimming down with water detox. I saw it on my friend’s Facebook status and she has gone so slim that I believe the water detox really works.

So I went for grocery shopping and bought the ingredients. This week I made Orange Water Detox. I should have used cucumber but opted for apple instead. Therefore the ingredients are followed:

– Half orange, sliced

– Slices of apple (original recipe is cucumber)

– A bunch of mint leaves

– 1 to 2 liter of water

I like to make it a night before and enjoy it chill the next day. It is indeed refreshing!

Still can't get rid of coffee completely :D

Still can’t get rid of coffee completely :D

This weekend I will use cucumber to change the apple.

Some other water detox, which I love so much is a glass of water with lime juice. Squeeze half piece of lime into a glass of water (preferably warm) and drink it right after you wake up in the morning before doing anything else. shows you more than one water detox, complete with the benefits and ingredients.

Two weeks from now I think I will go for healthy smoothies and juices. But for now, all I need is water detox!

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Comments (6)

  1. Camille 7 years ago

    That sounds nice, but I think I’d rather use apple than cucumber!

    • Rina 7 years ago

      haha you are right Camille, using apple is so much better. But the cucumber helps loosing some weight, or so I heard. I tried it this weekend…not superb but it’s okay 😛

  2. Theresa 7 years ago

    I tried an apple cinnamon and hated it. I think I want to try a cucumber though. I hear that one is really good!

    • Rina 7 years ago

      Really? It wasn’t good? Wow, okay…I was just about to try it sometimes this week for a I am backing out ha ha…

    • Rosey 7 years ago

      I’d like to try it. The mint in there sold me. I bet it is refreshing!

      • Rina 7 years ago

        Totally refreshing. You should try!

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