Starting New Healthier Habits

Starting New Healthier Habits
March 31, 2014 CuteCoco

It was 7.20 AM when I got out for my morning exercise. The road was so quiet all I could hear was the sound of nature. I enjoyed the quietness as I slowly began my run. Chirping birds were accompanying me along the way. Super peaceful.

I am glad that we are in the middle of no where, surrounded by trees, the beach with no car and hilly grounds. Every thing here pushes me to start new healthier habits and I don’t mind with that. So after one whole round I stopped by at the local market (the only one here) and bought a lot of veggies. I am determined to redo my diet too!

Last night I went to Dear Crissy and enjoyed reading how she deals with her Diet Coke addiction. She suspected that her weight gain had probably something to do with the addiction. I was like, wow I am having the same problem too. Only in my case, the addiction was the canned/pre-packaged coffee.

I recall my weight gain was so dramatic every since we reached Medan. By that time I was so addicted to the canned coffee that in worst days I could take three or four a day. Did you know how many sugar and carbs in one can? Oh My!

So now I am trying really hard not to buy any of those anymore and change with just normal coffee home made with only a drop of low fat milk. One cup a day. Every time I am turning into a small store thinking to buy one can I strongly change my mind and go for a bottle of mineral water instead.

It’s a long battle I can see but the hope is always there and I will never give up.

I am also still squeezing my love of detox water and today I made these little cut banana in sprinkles for K and little A.


Banana Sprinkle

Are you starting new healthier habits too?

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  1. Damae 7 years ago

    yummy.. look so deliciouse, mak..

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