Year End Holiday Trip: Trikora Beach

Year End Holiday Trip: Trikora Beach
January 7, 2014 CuteCoco

Last time I have told you that after Penyengat Island we went to Trikora Beach. I promised you I would show you what I had for after lunch snack. If you are a seafood lover you are probably going to like this…or maybe not…

Please meet Gonggong. I am not talking about the one from Chinese Mythology but about the pearl conch that is one of Bintan specialties. Steamed, boiled or taken out from the shell to be sauteed with chili, this thing is so delicious! It tastes like big squid, quite chewy but yum.





Trikora Beach is one of beaches recommended on couple of sites about Bintan Island. It is not located in Lagoi area but further outside, somewhere in between Tanjung Uban and Tanjung Pinang. The beach has too many reefs on the shore however it is still beautiful to enjoy. There are huts around the beach where you can rent to sit and relax. But we didn’t use any. We just walked down the shore, playing with the water and I let the kids collected seashells.




Stay tune for the next trip, the last one in the series, where I will show you the ‘Paradise’!

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