6 Attitudes that Make You a Bad CoWorker

6 Attitudes that Make You a Bad CoWorker
January 14, 2014 CuteCoco

When you raise your voice during emotional counterpart with other people, that is normal. You are angry. But if you raise your voice and talk aggressively to respond to a polite question, there is definitely something wrong with your mental health.

Yesterday I have encountered one. While I realize that this is part of the deal when you work outside home I still feel weird that people like these are exist. Let me tell you about an old coworker from my old workplace:

She loved to attack people and made everything about her. In her mind she was the only one who could work there and that if she weren’t there other department would have been collapsed. One of the most idiotic things she had ever done was sending an email to another female coworker telling her that to be a good manager she needed to stay on top of everything, deal with every little thing, not trusting her subordinates and should not go home on time.

Okay, did you get the picture now how she was?


So based on my experience I have gathered 6 attitudes that make you a bad coworker:

The Super-Late

Being on time is like your chronic disease. At first people will check on you, wondering why you haven’t come but at one point no one seems to bother to ask where you are anymore. At one point your office existence becomes pointless and all you need to do is to just wait for a ‘love letter’ from your superior.

Love to Delay

You don’t have a sense of priority. People have to chase you  to finish your job and there are a lot of times you miss the deadline. If you work in a team and your work affects other people’s work be sure it is just about time before you are kicked out.

The Borrower

Once or twice borrowing things from coworker is okay but if you have made it as a habit, and worst you never return the items back don’t be surprised if suddenly your coworker doesn’t have anything to be borrowed anymore. Check her drawers and you’ll find out that she actually has everything.


Every wall in an office has ears. But you don’t have to be the voice to speak out whatever the walls have listened to. Especially when the news is about your superior.

Bad Mouth

You just always have opinion about each and everything, and never hold yourself from telling other people about it. You don’t care if you hurt people.

Idea Stealer

It’s other people idea but you tell your superior that it’s yours or when your staff work on a project that you will present it to your superior you always forget to give extra credit to him.


You may disagree with me or you may be onboard on the above points. Please don’t hesitate to share here if you know any other attitude that can make someone a bad coworker. You can even talk about your coworker that really knows how to push your button. Yes it’s bitchy time!

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Comments (8)

  1. Mama Obito 7 years ago

    Ha! I know who you are talking about! Lol!
    I am pretty much lucky doesn’t have this kind of co-workers, anymore. Will you list one more point? Taking credit from other’s hardship!

    • Author
      CuteCoco 7 years ago

      I am sure you would know ha ha…

  2. Rosey 7 years ago

    I’ve worked with each kind of personality you mentioned, but with one huge exception, I have been so so sooooooooo lucky to get great co-workers. :)

    • Rina 7 years ago

      Great coworkers are to keep 😀

  3. Yup, those all stink in a co-worker. The late thing really bothers me. If I can get there on time, everyone else should, too!

  4. Theresa 7 years ago

    I am so happy to be a stay at home mom so I don’t have to deal with co-workers. I don’t miss the drama of the workplace. Sometimes adults act worse than school kids!

    • Rina 7 years ago

      Oh Theresa, adults are even worst!! haha…

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